Here's How Much America's Biggest States Go To The Movies


Californians see a whole lot more movies than people in Pennsylvania, according to data from the Motion Picture Association of America.


Check out a chart on the biggest states:

Screen Shot 2014 07 17 at 3.43.10 PM

Motion Picture Association Of America

The MPAA and its data provider, Opinion Research Corporation, couldn't tell us how much people liked movies in the rest of the states, but this chart is interesting in itself.

California leads among large states with 80% of residents seeing movies in theaters last year and 20% going frequently. On the other end of the spectrum, only 52% of Pennsylvanians went to the movie theater last year and only 6% went often.


Compared to the previous year, Indiana and Illinois saw the biggest drops, with 12 percentage points fewer moviegoers. But the MPAA only began tracking these statistics in 2012, so it's too early to note any patterns, MPAA Press Assistant Sam Newton told Business Insider.

Here is the list put out by the MPAA for 2012: