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Here’s how Shah Rukh Khan makes his millions

Here’s how Shah Rukh Khan makes his millions
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Bollywood’s King, Shah Rukh Khan, who is Indian film industry's global face and one of the most prominent figures in India, has turned 51 today and in all these years, Shah Rukh has transformed himself from that humble beginner to the king of Hindi cinema.

Apart from his acting, Shah Rukh’s should be lauded for his knack for business also as the actor has made millions through his sharp mind and business skill set.
Shah Rukh Khan featured among the world's highest-paid celebrities of 2016 by an annual list by Forbes. Shah Rukh Khan banked $33 million–more than Robert Downey Jr. and Brad Pitt–to be the highest-earning star from Bollywood.

But, Shah Rukh’s net worth is $600 million, including his business ventures.

He has many a times proved himself to be an even better businessman than an actor. Here are some instances when the world admired the businessman Shah Rukh more than the actor Shah Rukh.

1. It had barely been 7 years since he had stepped into the industry when Shah Rukh co-founded Dreamz Unlimited, the company that produced three of Shah Rukh's films before being dissolved. These films were Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani, Asoka and Chalte Chalte. Having the confidence to produce big budget movies after spending a little time in the industry proved to the world that Shah Rukh Khan was not just an actor but also an inherent businessman.

2. When he transformed Dreamz Unlimited into Red Chillies Entertainment, which became one of India's biggest production houses. After the success of Chalte Chalte, Shah Rukh realized that he could do much more with film production than just being a part of the team. He then took over Dreamz Unlimited and transformed it into Red Chillies Entertainment, which went on to become one of the biggest and most successful film production houses in India.

3. When he forayed into other facets of production, and proved to be the best yet again. Not many people know that India's biggest Visual Effects Studios is owned by Shah Rukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan. Christened as Red Chillies VFX, the unit handles the special effects of all his home productions and of some other movies as well. The company has won a National Award for its special effects for the 2011 movie Ra.One. He also produces television commercials for various global brands, a strategic move which was much ahead of its time.

4. When he stepped into sports, for cricket and much more. We all know that Kolkata Knight Riders is co-owned by Shah Rukh Khan, but did you know that KKR is the richest and the most financially successful IPL team? He also planned for KKR merchandise, which sold like free cakes, all thanks to his stardom and strategic moves. Other than cricket, he also owns a racing team in the i1 Super Series and plans to buy a football team, areas where he would get the first-mover advantage.

5. Joining Kidzania, the multi-national company based in Latin American country Mexico, Shah Rukh extended his business towards the edutainment sector as well. Shah Rukh has 26% shares in Indian edition of the company, Kidzania India. Shah Rukh’s personal mission by this is to circulate the brand in India.

6. He has 700-800 Cr rupees of asset in real estate which included the residences in Mumbai, London and Dubai.