Here's how WhatsApp can help plan your wedding

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful, fun, exhilarating and hair-pulling experiences one can ever go through. The months leading up to the big day involve juggling with all kinds of responsibilities and the actual event has its own special set of logistics to work through.

All the preparations from invitees list, finalizing menu, costumes, etc. to all the family drama and unresponsive vendors, it certain can get neck wracking. With the wedding season in full flow, WhatsApp has some interesting features to share that can smoothen your wedding planning:


• Video call your bestie for wardrobe consulting: Both, the bride and the groom wish to look their best on the D-day. And who else would be willing to be your honest consultant, other than your best friend? If the distance keeps you and your bestie away – allow the WhatsApp video calling to get you closer and video-talking. Tap on the video calling button and have detailed discussions around picking up the gorgeous outfit for yourself. One can also multi-task during a video call to read your chats and even try the video call in full-screen landscape mode

• Use the new camera features to express yourself: After clicking a picture or shooting a video on your WhatsApp, you can write or draw on them, or add emoticons to express yourself. So next time you are out to finalize the function theme or picking up the wedding invite design, share it with your peers on WhatsApp for their opinions


• Create WhatsApp groups for easy coordination: Make separate WhatsApp groups for seamless coordination with your vendors, event managers, caterer or even your family members. This can turn out to be the most convenient way to communicate with a larger group at real time. If you are the group admin, you can also invite more people to join their groups by simply sharing a link. Select ‘Add Participants’ and tap on ‘Group Invite Link’ to see the sharing options

• Multicast your wedding invite: Forward your e-wedding invite message to multiple people at once. Simply tap on what you want to forward and then select one or more people or groups you want to send it to. This way you can save your travel time and paper!

• Tap to Speak: WhatsApp allows you to get your message typed automatically while you dictate long messages to WhatsApp - All you need to do is press the ‘mic’ button in your keypad and speak. So when your hands are occupied with shopping bags, let the ‘mic’ transcribe the message for you