Infosys tells you 10 great reasons why you should work for the company

Infosys tells you 10 great reasons why you should work for the company It's not always a job aspirant selling himself to the company, many a times, it also works the other way. Yes, Companies need to sell themselves to people too so that they attract the best talent available in the market. More often Indian companies don't do a great job with it. But one of them is pretty impressive. And yes, we are talking about Infosys!

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To start with, this is what this company lives by: "Innovation is a way of life - not an afterthought. This means we expect you to think the unthinkable and attempt the impossible every day. Will you fail in the process? Perhaps. But that's how we know you're doing something purposeful… something unprecedented and audacious. That's how we know you're going somewhere no one else has been, to discover and create something no one else has found or made."

It's so unlike the boring, drab image we have of Indian companies even when we are trying to get into them for a career. Moreover, Infosys, despite being one of India's top IT companies, feels responsible towards its potential candidates and has reached out by telling them why they should work with this company. So, you'd want to read this before you get down to applying for jobs:

1) You’ll work with new technologies, while they’re still new. We believe in staying ahead of the game and helping our clients do the same as well. Which is why, we employ the hottest, most cutting-edge technologies as soon as they’re made available - literally, from day zero.

2) You can get trained by Harvard Whether you’re high up the career ladder or just starting out, the learning never stops at Infosys. One of the many steps we’ve taken to encourage the continuous growth of our employees is the Harvard Manage Mentor - a suite of 30 courses based on the Harvard Business School’s framework (Learn, Practice, Apply) that helps foster management skills. Think of it as a great opportunity to go back to school.

3) You’ll learn to think like an entrepreneur No matter what your business card says, you’ll get to be more at Infosys. For starters, each of our employees is trained to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. This means, you learn to identify pressing problems around us all and work in your area of expertise to develop solutions that could not only be monetized for profits, but could potentially change the world. Anything less is simply unacceptable.

4) You’ll look forward to attending your college reunion Let’s face it. College reunions are as much about catching up with old friends, as they are about learning how everyone’s doing. As someone who’ll be working with some of the most enviable brands and helping solve their business problems, college reunions will always be a pleasant affair for you. (For your old rival, perhaps not as much.)

5) You can play ping pong at work Yes, you read that right. And ping pong is just one fun thing to do. That’s because with multiplex theatres, 16 libraries, 3 bowling alleys, 23 gyms, 16 shopping centers, 11 swimming pools, 8 cricket pitches, and 36 food courts (serving more than 40 types of cuisines) our campuses, in India, are great places to have a great time. (And you thought all we do is code.)

6) You’ll get to do good You’ll do well for yourself surely, but you’ll also get a chance to do a little good for others. At Infosys, we believe that the distribution of wealth is as important as its creation. A strong sense of social responsibility is therefore an integral part of our value system. Infosys works hard at contributing to the society within which it functions and as a part of our organization, you can contribute to our CSR initiatives as well.

7) You’ll get to be who you are No two people are alike - we get it. And love it. At Infosys, we welcome people with different passions, interests, ethnicities, nationalities, beliefs, and sexual orientations, because we believe each one of us has something unique to offer. So no matter who you are or what you like, you’ll never feel discriminated against.

8) You’ll go on to make history If you’re someone who always goes beyond the call of duty, someone who doesn’t just do what’s asked of them, but does all that can be done, all that must be done to be purposeful, then Infosys is the place for you. Because here, with every product we make, we strive to make history - creating technologies that don’t just shape the future of industries, but shape the world.

9) You’ll discover how to make work fun Beyond solving business challenges for some of the biggest brands, you also get to tinker with new ideas for fun. The Infosys Global Hackathon is one such platform, where you can experiment with rapid prototyping approaches, get hands-on experience with open source and proprietary software tools and technologies, and engage with other talented designers and developers, finding solutions in areas as diverse as air pollution mapping, robotics, health, smart devices, sensors, apps, drones, and automation, to name a few.

10) You’ll never wait for the weekend Urban legend has it that no one at Infosys has suffered from the Monday morning blues yet. That’s because, we have over 100 hobby clubs at Infosys. So, you can discuss literature, jam with fellow musicians, and hone your photography skills while at work. So clearly, there’s no reason to pine for the weekend at the start of every week.

(Credits: Infosys website)