Here's the emotional intelligence quiz ING uses on its financial markets staff - would you pass?




What emotion is this?

The financial markets group of Dutch bank ING is in the midst of an "emotional intelligence" revolution.


The division has around 350 salespeople that deal financial products to clients looking to hedge their bets around the world.

It's now two years into a programme to improve staff emotional intelligence to rid fear and self-interest from the institutional mindset.

The new mindset is working.

In a report by McKinsey, staff engagement was higher than the industry standard despite profit-driven bonuses being lower. Client revenue is also growing faster than the industry trend, with 80% of the growth coming from existing clients.


It all begins with training for staff to recognise their own beliefs behavioural patterns and how the combination of the two motivate what they do at work.

Empathy and the ability to recognise emotions in others, whether they're clients or coworkers, is a big part of the programme.

Here's the test they give to staff. Each panel shows an emotion and four options to pick from. How well will you do?