Here's the state with the happiest workers - and why they love their jobs so much


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Montana has the happiest employees, according to Monster and Brandwatch


Hate your job? Move to Montana.

Workers in Big Sky Country are the happiest employees in the country, according to the second annual Monster and Brandwatch Job Report.

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The study analyzed over 2 million tweets expressing job sentiments across the United States.

Monster and Brandwatch found that Montana, Idaho, and North Dakota have the happiest employees.


Monster's senior vice president of global communications and content Matt Anchin spoke to Business Insider about the findings. He doesn't believe that these three states claimed the top spots because their workers are simply nicer on social media.

"Regardless of location, people are becoming more comfortable with publicly sharing their unfiltered and unbiased opinions - positive and negative - about all things personal and professional," Anchin says.

He believes the correlation between less populated states and "job love" has more to do with changing cultural and professional priorities.

"This speaks to the proverbial 'millennial dilemma' of living differently from those who came before them, focusing on experiences vs. consumerism or a pre-defined and expected lifestyle," Anchin told Business Insider. "Millennials are now the largest segment of the workforce and their approach to work and life is surfacing in these trends, and we see it in like work-life balance and greater lifestyle value for the time put into work."

Meanwhile, Michigan, Delaware, and West Virginia snagged the top three spots on the corresponding list of the states with the least happy employees.


The survey also found that October eclipsed November as workers' favorite month of the year (July held onto its 'most hated month' title) and that employees are most likely to tweet positively about work on Thursdays.

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