Elon Musk just went on record saying Tesla might launch in India this year

If Elon Musk, Silicon Valley maverick and serial entrepreneur sticks to the promise he made barely 15 hours ago, automakers and car enthusiasts in India will have a lot to rejoice for.

Responding to a casual query on when he plans to open a Tesla unit in India from a Twitter user last night, Musk hinted at a possible India launch for Tesla as early as summer 2017.


His one tweet was enough to send the microblogging site into a tizzy!

Though, it's well-known that the auto giant's interest in India is immense, it also wouldn't be wrong to say that it could be premature to get excited about the prospect of an India launch at this stage, given how past events unfolded.

After the launch of Model 3 last year, Musk had gone on record and announced plans to enter the Indian market, which didn't go as he expected. Musk had again floated the idea of setting up a battery plant in India when Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Silicon Valley.


But, who knows, this time could be the charm and we could indeed see a Tesla launch in summer.

Incase you were wondering, here's how the conversation unfolded: