Here's your best look at the iPhone 8 based on all the rumors


iPhone 8 MKBHD (3)


Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, got his hands on a dummy model of Apple's next-generation iPhone, which has so far been known as the iPhone 8. 

The dummy iPhone 8 model is a culmination of all the rumors and "leaked" details surrounding the iPhone 8's design. It's essentially a physical rumor.

As credible and reputable as the rumors' sources are, this is not the iPhone 8. It's just a dummy, and the special iPhone that Apple will reportedly unveil during its iPhone event in September could be totally different. 

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Still, it's interesting to see a physical manifestation of the rumors we've heard. 

Check out Brownlee's iPhone 8 dummy, and his video at the bottom:


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