Hiring Alert for middle managers in India! Leading IT, Telecom, eCommerce and Financial Services firms are looking for you

Hiring Alert for middle managers in India! Leading IT,  Telecom, eCommerce and Financial Services firms are looking for you It seems ‘ache din’ are just round the corner for Indians interested in changing their jobs this year. Your chances of getting a better job this year are brighter for those currently employed in middle-level positions. According to a TimesJobs.com survey, there has been a positive sentiment in hiring at the middle-level in several sectors in India. The survey results suggest that the the demand for middle managers has witnessed a y-o-y increase of 10% from Feb 2014-Feb 2015. This experienced category also reported a 19% jump from Jan to Feb 2015, with IT/Telecom being the top hiring sector.

The positive Indian economic outlook and thriving eCommerce industry is leading to an increase in demand of the experienced professionals. Vivek Madhukar, COO, TimesJobs.com explains, “With a positive Indian economic outlook, there is great anticipation of rapid growth across industries. This is leading companies to realise their need for middle management experience and skills to scale up and take advantage of this growth. In addition, with the massive expansion plans of well-funded start-ups especially in the e-commerce and IT sectors – there is also significant demand for mid-level managers and project-team leaders with experience. Companies are in execution mode now and demand is up for managerial roles growing at over 10% over last year. ”

So, who all are on the hiring spree? It is the big employers of IT, telecom, e-commerce and financial services where this upward trend of hiring middle managers has been observed.

In the IT segment, 5% of all hiring was at mid-management. Recruitments were aimed at acquiring people for specialised and niche roles in areas such as digital channels, business intelligence and risk and control functions.

With Telecom, Retail and Commerce companies expanding into new markets, new verticals and new product segments - executives in these companies reported that 10% of their total hires during Jan-Feb 2015 were for middle level.


Industry experts told TimesJobs.com that the number of middle managers was strongly linked to how the economy is faring. They were seen as expensive and dispensable during the slowdown. So, most of them stayed in their jobs. With the economy set to grow and an overall positive sentiment, companies now want the expertise of these experienced personnel to move to the next level of delivery. With this demand for mid-level professionals, the salary hikes being offered by companies have also been impressive.