scorecardThe Leesa mattress went through over 200 prototypes before the company landed on the perfect design - it offered me excellent pressure relief and it slept cool
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  3. The Leesa mattress went through over 200 prototypes before the company landed on the perfect design - it offered me excellent pressure relief and it slept cool

The Leesa mattress went through over 200 prototypes before the company landed on the perfect design - it offered me excellent pressure relief and it slept cool

The Leesa mattress went through over 200 prototypes before the company landed on the perfect design - it offered me excellent pressure relief and it slept cool
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  • It wasn't broke, but they fixed it anyway, and somehow, the updated version of the Leesa Original Mattress is even better than the original.
  • For the first time in more than three years, the bed-in-a-box brand gave its signature product a makeover in 2018, and in this case, the sequel actually is better than the original.
  • It seems to be thanks to the new LSA200 foam layer, which adds additional pressure relief and support for an even more comfortable night's sleep, and is incredibly responsive to your body's needs.
  • As a side sleeper, I was particularly pleased to find that the new Leesa alleviates pressure from key points, like your shoulders and hips, leading to truly pain-free repose.

Sometimes, it feels like I sleep for a living. If there's a bed-in-a-box, I'm on it; if there's an adjustable bed frame, I'm playing with it. Of course, part of the reason for my obsession with all things sleep is that I've historically found sleep to be rather elusive. For years, I would lie awake, tossing and turning and blaming an overactive mind for my lack of shuteye. As it turns out, it wasn't my mind that was the problem, but rather my mattress. Previously, I thought the best answer to my problems lay in the Leesa mattress. But now, I stand corrected.

Leesa has broken the cardinal rule of innovation, and has made an attempt to fix something that was never broken - its original mattress. Luckily for Leesa, its updated version is somehow still an improvement.

"The difference with Leesa is that we are relentlessly focused on quality sleep, and we really mean it," a Leesa spokesperson told Business Insider. "We have never once considered producing a product or modifying an existing product to be of less quality or value to our customers. It's just not what we stand for." Consequently, they've created something that is better than ever.

The updated Leesa Mattress looks much like the Leesa you're accustomed to. Unlike most mattresses, which are just begging to be covered by a mattress protector and fitted sheet, both the original Leesa and the updated Leesa are pretty enough that you could just leave them uncovered (though you shouldn't). The mattress has an upholstered grey top, with thick white stripes toward the bottom that give the whole setup a rather distinctive look. But it's really what's underneath all this pretty packaging that counts.

all-new leesa mattress review


For me, the most obvious improvement of the the updated Leesa over the original comes in its pressure relief.

As a side sleeper, I'm always complaining about sharp pains in my shoulder or hips, or waking up without feeling in one arm. While the original Leesa addressed this to some degree, you can feel an immediate difference with the All-New version. That's because the Avena foam layer of the first Leesa has now been replaced with something called LSA200 foam technology.

I'm not entirely sure what the team did to invent this new foam, but it promises a 20% improvement when it comes to pressure relief. Though I can't verify that exact number, I can verify that there's a marked difference when you sleep on your side on the updated Leesa, and when you sleep on your side on just about any other mattress.

In essence, the LSA200 foam layer is able to react to your movements almost instantaneously. That means that there's (almost) never an area of your body that isn't fully and properly supported, and that when you move around on your bed, your mattress quickly readjusts to your new sleeping position. Whereas I would previously wake up slightly sore if I were to start out sleeping on my stomach or back and then move to my side, I've had no such issues with the updated Leesa. No matter how fitful a sleeper you may be, this mattress (literally) has your back.

While this level of support may seem like a temporary phase, this mattress is built to last.

As Leesa notes, when its newest mattress was subjected to an ASTM test (which measures foam's durability and height over time), it lost less than 2% of its volume. Given that the industry standard for foam stands at 10%, it's clear that the mattress won't begin to sag as you lie on it night after night, a common complaint among other beds in boxes.

The mattress is also a great option for hot sleepers.

If you already own a Leesa mattress, you know that its surface feels cool to the touch, which leads to a pleasant night's sleep. And while the new LSA200 foam layer is more supportive than the Avena foam found in the original, it's not less breathable. Rather, the microcell structure of the LSA200 allows for significant airflow, so while I wouldn't say that it's necessarily much cooler than the first Leesa, it's certainly no hotter.

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all-new leesa mattress review


"Since the first day we launched the Leesa mattress, we have been steadfast in ensuring that it's the highest quality foam mattress in our market," Leesa told us. "200 prototypes later, we are launching the all-new Leesa mattress with an upgraded foam layer."

If you're not totally convinced that buying a Leesa mattress, or any bed in a box is the right move for you, you could soon have the option of trying out these mattresses in more traditional settings. As Leesa told us, "The traditional, awkward showroom experience is dissipating but you'll start to see more experiential store locations popping-up by bed-in-a-box brands. You can comfortably try out and order all Leesa products with a Leesa sleep-expert on stand-by."

If you're already a tried-and-true Leesa fan, the company is looking to make your sleep better still in the coming months. Already, in addition to its mattresses, Leesa offers three pillows, a mattress protector, the Leesa blanket (which is fabulous), bed frames, foundations, and an adjustable base. And Leesa promises that they have "a lot more excitement coming down the pipeline."

Buy the Leesa Original Mattress for $449 (Twin), $549 (Twin XL), $849 (Full), $949 (Queen), $1,149 (King/California King)

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