Honda Will Produce High-End Sports Bikes In India And Be Part Of Modi’s Make In India Campaign

Honda Will Produce High-End Sports Bikes In India And Be
Part Of Modi’s Make In India CampaignThis is good news for the Indian economy, which will surely get a boost from high-end bikes and scooters production within India. Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India (HMSI) announced yesterday that they are setting up Rs 1,100 Crore manufacturing plant in Gujarat, which will majorly be responsible to produce scooters. With this HMSI will also start producing top of the line motorbikes in India starting with the CBR 650 sports bike.


The production of these motor bikes should start in 2015. "We announce that (from) next year Honda will start making CBR -650 in India. By this, we will not only open up the skill of our existing manpower but it will also showcase the Honda India's manufacturing quality to the world," Said HMSI Vice-President Y S Guleria.

However, it is still unclear that the same Gujarat plant will start producing the high-end bikes as well. Honda might be looking for another place to setup shop to for superbike production in India. This means that they will invest more money in the country, which will churn more job opportunities.

HMSI already has plants in Rajasthan, Haryana and Karnataka and with the Gujarat plant coming to effect in 2015 they will have a greater hold in the two wheeler market.

It is said that the new plant in Gujarat will have over 3,000 employees and will be the largest scooter manufacturing unit in the world. For a country like India where scooters are a common mode of transportation, this is very good news. As Honda can now probably give its scooter offerings at a very attractive rates to its customers.