How a 21-year-old landed a record deal through Tinder


Ryn Weaver Pop Star Tinder


Ryn Weaver.

Tinder has been used the world over to hook people up. It's even produced marriages.

But this may be the first record deal to come as a result of the swipe-right matchmaking app.

Ryn Weaver, a rising pop starlet based in Los Angeles, talked with The FADER's Aimee Cliff last year, and told her the story of how she met producer Benny Blanco - who has worked with artists like Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Wiz Khalifa.

After losing touch with him, she met him again through Tinder.

She said:

It was four years ago, I moved to New York City and it was actually on Halloween that I met Benny through my ex-boyfriend. We went out that night, and we ended up talking about music and all sorts of stuff. Then, [months later] randomly-are we ready for the real real?-my friend had a Tinder account, and we were out in LA, and she was like, "Who is this guy? We have mutual friends!" And I was like, "Oh my god, swipe yes! I know him!" And so we ended up asking [Benny] what he was doing here in LA. He was like, "I come here half the year to make music." And then we all were going back and forth…and he was like, "Come to my birthday party tomorrow." So we go to this party, it was so silly. My friend was going for him, and I was like, "Um, let me talk to you for a second, I've been really trying with the music thing." And he was like, "Well, good luck." [laughs] So then I sent him my Soundcloud, along with a couple of his friends, and he ended up calling me like two days later like, "We really want to work with you." Tinder got me a record deal.

Read the whole interview with Weaver.

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