How Jon Stewart innovated political discourse in America and changed late-night TV forever


Obama Daily Show

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

United States President Barack Obama makes an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in New York July 21, 2015.

Jon Stewart's final night hosting "The Daily Show" is upon us.

Thursday evening, Stewart will host an especially long episode - at least 50 minutes according to Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless. No one knows who his guests are or what's planned, but it's certain to be a massive celebration. 

But we're not here to speculate on Stewart's last night. This piece is about looking back at the lasting impact of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" on both late-nite comedy and political discourse in America. Stewart's beloved for his ability to make us laugh - no doubt - but he's even more celebrated for his ability to highlight the absurdity of the American political system, from politicians to pundits to media, and everything in between.