Dnd Airtel - How to activate do not disturb in airtel

Dnd Airtel - How to activate do not disturb in airtel
The Indian telecom industry is a huge one with millions of subscribers. Subscribing to a mobile network enables you to communicate with your personal, social and professional connections. However, the telemarketing companies use the networks and phone numbers to make indiscreet calls to consumers in order to market their products and services. They might also flood their inboxes with promotional messages. Such promotional calls and messages can be annoying and disturbing. If this happens with you as an Airtel customer, you can register your number with DND (Do Not Disturb) registry.

Once you register your number Airtel with DND, Airtel will, in turn, get your number registered with the National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry within 45 days. Since the telemarketers are required to check the calling number in the NDNC registry before messaging or making calls, you will be freed from troubles. Follow these simple steps to register your Airtel number with DND.

Steps to register Airtel number for DND

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Call the toll free number 1909 from your Airtel mobile number. Alternatively, you can also send an SMS to this number by texting <START DND> or <START 0>

If you wish to receive promotional messages or calls from particular industry segments, you can choose to give your preferences in the following way.


START 0- Fully blocked

START 1- To receive messages only from Banking, Insurance, Financial products and credit cards

START 2- To receive messages only from Real Estate

START 3- To receive messages only from Education

START 4- To receive messages only from Health

START 5- To receive messages only from Consumer goods and automobiles

START 6- To receive messages only from Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment and IT

START 7- To receive messages only from Tourism and Leisure

If you want to receive messages from more than one preference, you can type for example like <START 4,6> so that you can receive messages from these two industry segments.

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