How to become an Actor

How to become an Actor
Mumbai: Actor Varun Dhawan seen at Andheri in Mumbai, on June 21, 2119. (Photo: IANS)

Many youngsters dream of becoming an actor or actress in the movie industry. Acting is a glamorous profession that can shoot you up to fame. In addition, the actors of these days are paid so high and hence they get to enjoy a luxurious life. If you are aspiring for a career in acting, here is how you can become an actor.

Get trained

Acting does not require a degree. It is rather a matter of skill and zeal to perform. However, there are some courses like B.A. in Art and Drama and many other short term diploma and certificate courses. Such a course will help you gain the necessary insight into acting. These courses will teach you how to free your mind and body, remove inhibitions and face the audience. You will learn about body language, voice modulation, camera facing, miming, expressing emotions and mannerisms, cinemascope and other topics in depth so that you will approach acting in a professional way. Some celebrities also offer classes and schools for training aspiring actors. Some schools prepare the candidates for ad films and TV serials. You can think of moving up the in the acting career gradually starting with small roles and moving up.

Taking up acting as a career

In the field of acting, there is a huge opportunity lying in front of you. However, you must face tough competition and prove your capabilities. It is possible to start your career from Bollywood or TV serials. There is a lot of scope to enter into a popular TV serial or game show or a reality show and start acting.

There is no right age to become an actor. You may do it while you are a child, young adult or an old man. The roles you can expect to be given depending on your experience, skills and physical features. In addition to the main roles in a TV serial or show, there are also a lot of side roles, support roles, friends and family roles you can hope to get in the beginning.

Desirable characteristics of an actor

You must have an attractive physique and focus on developing it further through facial exercises, yoga and Ayurveda treatments. Develop a good voice and cultivate a pleasant nature. A well-spoken language and English can help you a lot. Ability to memorize is very important. Many times, you will get your lines just before the host and hence you must be quick in grasping your dialogues. You must be willing to struggle through your way patiently and must not lose hopes on the way. Socializing, networking and searching for the right opportunities is highly essential to enter into the field of acting.

Get prepared

For an aspiring actor, a very high level of emotional stability is highly needed. You must be able to withstand repeated rejections, tensions to give your best and the ability to face the competition. You must have some financial backup to carry on with your living till you settle and start earning. As an aspiring actor, your career path is not going to be an easy one and you must prepare for all odds you might come across on the way.