How to detect a Virus on your iOS phone

How to detect a Virus on your iOS phone

A virus can be described as a piece of code that can insert itself automatically into another program. A worm is a standalone program that gets installed on your phone. iOS phones are a very popular target for virus attacks. Attackers spread the virus on your iOS by inserting them some respectable apps or by hijacking the developer tools that have created them.

If you have jailbroken your iOS phone or installed an app from any non-official source, you may expect a malicious virus on your phone. In such cases, it is advisable to isolate it and uninstall the culprit.

If you find some unexpected behavior by your phone while running some particular apps, you must expect the phone to be infected with a virus.
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Hijacked apps behave in a common way like opening the App Store without your permission or redirecting you to an unfamiliar web page in Safari.

If you spot any virus on your iOS phone, follow these simple steps to remove the same.

How to wipe your phone for removing the virus and malicious programs?

  • Go to Settings. Go to General > Reset and then choose ‘Erase All Contents and Setting’.
  • Your phone will ask you to enter your passcode to confirm the process. Wait for some time till the erasure is completed. After this, set up your new phone as a new device.
  • If you suspect some apps to have caused the problem, it is good to avoid them. All other useful apps you must reinstall on your phone after the reset process.