How to link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, so you can publish Instagram posts directly to Facebook

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Have you ever wondered how people share their Instagram posts to Facebook?

The secret is cross-linking your accounts - that way, when you create posts (or edit them), you can direct Instagram to share your photo or video to that other platform.

Plus, linking your accounts may send a notification to your Facebook friends to the effect that you're now on Instagram. That makes it easier to gain followers from that network without having to send out a "follow-me" message.

Here's how to link Facebook and Instagram accounts on your iPhone or Android.

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How to link Facebook to Instagram

This is a quick and easy process, just make sure you have your Facebook login information on hand.

1. Open Instagram and toggle over to your account profile (located in the bottom toolbar).

2. Tap the three bars and select "Settings."

1 HOW TO LINK FACEBOOK TO INSTAGRAMTap settings to link your accounts.Devon Delfino/Business Insider

3. Tap "Account" and then select "Linked Accounts."

2 HOW TO LINK FACEBOOK TO INSTAGRAMView your Linked Accounts.Devon Delfino/Business Insider

4. Tap "Facebook" and log into your Facebook account to confirm that you want to link your Facebook account to Instagram.

3 HOW TO LINK FACEBOOK TO INSTAGRAMLog in to your Facebook account to link it to Instagram.Devon Delfino/Business Insider

Before sharing any posts, be aware that if you have a private Instagram, anything you share to other social networks, like Facebook, will become public.

If you want to unlink your Facebook account from your Instagram, you'd go through the same general process. The only difference would come at the final step - instead of logging into Facebook, you'd tap "Unlink Account" (for iPhone) or "Unlink" (for Android.)

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