Here's how you can unlock android phone

Here's how you can unlock android phone
When you have forgotten the password and locked yourself out of your phone, you need not panic. This is a common situation many android users face and here we discuss how to unlock the phone.

By default, lock screens are designed to be hard to get into. However, there are a few ways to bypass them.

Android Device Manager

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The instant way to unlock an android phone if you have forgotten the password is to use the Android Device Manager. You will have to log into your Google account to use this route. This feature can work only on the most modern phones. You can access this feature from any device you prefer.

Once the feature has established the connection with your device, you just have to click on the ‘Lock button’. The tool will prompt you to input a new passcode to replace the present locking code set on the phone. You have to tap the lock button once again in order to confirm the new code.


If the device manager is not able to pick up your phone, you can refresh the page for a few times to get there. The hard refresh feature (CTRL + F5) will clear your cache also.

The ‘Forgot Pattern’ Tool

You can unlock the android phone using the ‘Forgot Pattern’ tool in case you are using 4.4 or still a lower version Android. If you make five failed attempts to unlock your phone, you will see a pop up message. In the bottom right side of your phone screen, you will see ‘Forgot Pattern?’ button. You need to tap it. Once you input the Google account details, you will receive an email containing the new unlock code that will open your phone.

Factory Reset

If you have a lot of data stored on your phone which is very important to you, you can adopt a drastic measure to open your phone when you have forgotten the passcode. Here we are talking about the ‘Factory Reset’ option. This is in fact a good way to start over all again.

Every phone has some check features to stop factory reset option. However, you can make use of your Google log-in information to go through this step.

The route you will take to do the Factory Reset will differ across phones. Hence it is advisable that you get to know how to make use of this option with regard to the model of phone you are using. Go to the phone’s boot loader menu. Go to recovery mode. Attempt the “Wipe data/factory reset” option. To complete this step, you will be required to input your Google account information.

Bypassing the lock screen in Safe Mode

If you are using a third party app for the lock screen feature on your phone, it is possible to bypass the locked screen by booting the phone in Safe mode.

Press to see the Power Menu on your phone. Long Press the ‘Power Off’ button. You will be prompted with the message whether you wish to boot into safe mode. Accept this and while the phone boots up, you will find the lock screen disabled.