How to write a Google review, and become a 'Local Guide' for your area

How to write a Google review, and become a 'Local Guide' for your area

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You can write reviews on Google Maps to help guide anyone around you.

  • You can write reviews of restaurants, attractions, and other places through Google Maps.
  • When you write a review on Google Maps, other users who read it will be able to see your "About me" page, as well as other reviews and photos you've uploaded to Google Maps.
  • Those who are part of Local Guides can also earn points for their reviews.
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If you're looking to make a contribution to Google Maps' reviews, adding in your two cents (through written reviews, photos, and star ratings) is easily accomplished through the site - provided the place you want to review is listed.

Here's what else you should know about writing reviews on Google Maps, and how to get started:

How to write a Google review

You can add a review through your computer, Android, or iOS device. Here's how:

1. Make sure you're signed into your Google account.


2. Go to (or the Google Maps app on mobile).

3. Search for the place you want to review.

4. In the left sidebar, scroll down to the review summary and click "Write a review."

5. Create your review within the popup window, where you can:

  • Add a star rating.
  • Write a review in the text area.
  • Upload photos.

google review screenshot

Devon Delfino/Business Insider

You can review pretty much any location or establishment on Google Maps.


The rules of posting a Google review

In order for your review to stay up on Google Maps, it has to follow the rules. That means everything in your review has to be accurate, on-topic, and can't use defamatory language, or be faked, copied, or stolen from someone else. It also can't be sexually explicit, offensive, or a conflict of interest (for example, users can't review their own business and reviewers can't be paid for their reviews.)

Users can report a review if it appears to violate the rules, and if Google agrees with that assessment, the company reserves the right to take it down, and may even suspend or delete "abusive accounts."

What happens after you post a Google review

Your reviews are public, so other people will be able to see your "About me" page, as well as other reviews and ratings you've posted, including any photos you added to those.

And if you're a part of Local Guides, which is essentially Google's version of Yelp, can also earn points for creating reviews - points that lead to badges on your profile, as well as "early access" to new Google features. If you're trying to review a place that isn't listed, Local Guides is also how you'd add the location to Google Maps so that you could review it.

Google Maps Local Guides


In addition to leaving reviews, Local Guides can also verify and edit info about the businesses and landmarks around them.


If for any reason you want to hide your reviews, you can do that by navigating to Google Maps, clicking open the menu on the left, and clicking "Your Contributions." Then click on "Profile Settings," and turn off "Show contributions on your public profile." If you're a Local Guide, you'll still have all of your earned badges and those will still be visible to the public.

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