HTC launches VIVE at Rs. 92,990 in India

HTC has launched its Vive ecosystem in India. Vive is HTC’s complete VR system and it will be available exclusively on via pre-order from April 22nd, 2017 and the official site in which will go live by 25 April 2017. Eventually Vive will also be available for an in-store experience across select locations in India with interactive Vive demonstration station.

The complete VR solution will be priced at INR 92,990, it includes wireless VR controllers, room scale movement, and Head Mounted Display featuring a built in camera. HTC also also announced free shipping to celebrate Vive’s India launch. The VR system wil come with two full-fledged VR experiences, Everest VR and Ritchie’s Plank Experience.


Vive is coming at a time when there is a lot of interest in VR in India and there has been a spurt in the number of VR apps now available in the market.