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Huawei might bring 5G to India next year

Huawei might bring 5G to India next year
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Huawei, the multinational telecommunications company from China has announced that it is in talks with Indian telecom operators so that it can help them in upgrading their 4G networks to 5G technology in coming years.

"4G and 4G evolution is what is getting them [telcos] revenue today and for future they need to prepare for 5G. We have also been doing some technology and solution workshop with them to guide them how to evolve their network and prepare for 5G...5G will happen in line with the global timeline," Radhey Shyam Sarda, Senior Solutions Director, Huawei Telecommunications, told ET.

He added that some services powered by 5G are already being introduced to market through LTE-A technology.

Chandan Kumar, director of marketing and integrated solutions at Huawei, said that India is very much in line with where the world is.

"Once we have agreements with the stakeholders to do some trials in India, I think maybe next year we can see some trials happening," he said, adding that there has been no time fixed for pre-standard trials and that they can happen anytime.

The Indian government too has begun working from its end to introduce 5G technology in the country. Recently, the telecom department had asked TRAI to suggest the starting price for 5G airwaves, which might start getting auctioned from next sale of spectrum.