scorecardI spent an hour cleaning my closet and made $850 from the stuff I didn't want - here's how you can do the same
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I spent an hour cleaning my closet and made $850 from the stuff I didn't want - here's how you can do the same

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When my husband and I were moving out of New York City, we wanted to clean out and organize our things. I knew it was time to look through my closet, since there were likely items that could definitely rack up a few dollars at a consignment store or an online marketplace for selling used goods.

It took me one hour - and I made $850. That's a Sunday morning well spent in my book.

The secret? I sold them on Poshmark, an online marketplace that describes itself as "the No. 1 way to buy and sell fashion."

I had heard about Poshmark and had seen many people using it through their social sharing on Facebook. The site is one of the leading ecommerce sites for re-selling clothing, so I decided I would try it first.

I thumbed through the items on my hanging rods and in my drawers, only to discover I didn't need about 50% of what was tucked away in there. With access to all of New York's many shops and sales, it's no wonder all these years later I had a collection of items that were definitely not worth the purchase.

While I definitely enjoy the thrill of the hunt for a good buy, I knew there was much better use for these clothes. It was a fairly easy decision to part with some of these items, and I was able to quickly pull out the pieces that I knew would sell well online.

Next, I took photos of each item on a hanger against the wall, and took additional photos of the details on the items. Then I added the price I was looking to sell it for and the going retail price with a simple description of the piece. It took just two minutes to set up each listing. I was able to sell 10 items rather quickly, earning myself $850.

Considering I paid about $1,200 for the items when I originally bought them, I was able to make a good portion of what I paid.

In the process I did learn a few key lessons. Keep these in mind if you decide to resell your clothes at some point:

  • Always make sure to accurately describe the items and to post any photos and information about damages so that buyers know exactly what they are purchasing. Buyers can return the item only if the description did not accurately describe the piece, so make sure to do so.
  • Do your retail research. If you're looking to sell a piece from the designer's current season, or an item that is particularly on trend, you may be able to get a higher price for it. If the piece is several seasons old and in lackluster condition, price it competitively so it sells.
  • List items that are appropriate for the weather of the current season. Not many people want to buy a winter coat in the summer.
  • Ship out on time. This will help buyers to want to continue to purchase from you.
  • Not everything in your closet is a gem. There were some pieces that sat unsold because I thought I could definitely sell them online. Some things are just better sent to the donation pile.