Here's why your iPhone cable breaks and there’s no need to spend on them anymore

Here's why your iPhone cable breaks and there’s no need to spend on them anymore

If you are an Apple product user you have certainly had your cable woes. And we know that there isn’t much Apple is doing about it so you are either stuck with the same super sensitive cord or you go wireless! We caught up with Honeywell, a technology and manufacturing company as they are all set to sell their electronic essentials in India, to understand what really is up with the Apple cables.

So here’s the deal. There are two main reasons why your iPhone cable becomes an eye sore in a matter of days. First is pretty evident, it’s the material. Apple uses a plastic cable which is also comparatively a lot thinner than other cables in the market and plastic is easy to tear. Other key issue with the Apple cable is the two ends of the cable where it only has a single mould on the outside of the wire which makes it prone to damage and that’s why you see the ends of the wire tearing from inside. For a sturdy cable there has to be a reverse mould on the inside of the wire as well. And of course the colour white doesn't help.


The iPhone cables are surely a big unsaid pain point for the consumers. And how many times can you replace the cord. What happens next is one tends to buy a fake cable that are available everywhere at a fraction of the cost but those cables can do more harm than good for your expensive iPhones. And this lack of awareness is what the technology product distributor, Secure Connection thinks is the biggest challenge in India. The company feels it’s a down market for electronic essentials in India right now and therefore also the perfect time to enter the market, Mohit Anand, CEO, Secure Connection said, “We feel the market has a huge gap for a branded product line to emerge in the category and there is considerable consumer angst that comes through in our research where people end up buying non branded products and experience problems with their devices”. The new range of products from Honeywell includes cables, car chargers, adapters, surge protectors that are now available in India. In the next one month the company is looking to expand its online and offline presence in India by entering 30 cities with 5000 stores all across the country.

And yes, Honeywell has the lightning cord for iPhones. These cables are MFI (made for iPhone) certified, comes in multiple materials including silk and cotton braided, with a three-year warranty, and the starting price is Rs. 399. So unless Apple innovates, you can certainly give it a go.

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