If America Only Had 100 College Students, Here's What The Student Body Would Look Like


The typical American college student is not necessarily the iconic four-year student we see in movies and on tv, as a new graphic from The Gates Foundation highlights.


The graphic - created by designer Eleanor Lutz and journalist Linda Kennedy - breaks down America's college population into an average of 100 students. A quarter of students have children, more than half have a part-time job, and almost everyone receives some form of financial aid, among other surprising facts, according to their findings.

The Gates Foundation recently released a letter outlining the foundation's goals for the next 15 years, in honor of the 15th anniversary of Bill and Melinda Gates' organization.

Check out the full graphic below:


You can see the graphic's sourcing at The Gates Foundation website.

Here's another one of Lutz' graphics, focusing in more detail on student life: