If you have a gun and like to jump, crawl, and run, here's your chance to get in on the $25 billion Snapchat IPO


high-level security guard
Do you enjoy physically taxing activities like crawling, jumping, and bending?


Do you have a permit to pack a concealed firearm?

And have you been looking for the chance get in on the hottest internet IPO since Facebook?

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If so, Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, has some exciting opportunities for you.

The maker of the fast-growing social app, which is preparing for a $25 billion Wall Street debut in early 2017, is hiring nearly 200 new employees.


In addition to the engineers and salespeople it's hiring, Snapchat is looking to beef up its security team. That's not in itself unusual for a successful corporation, but a close look at the job descriptions on Snapchat's website make a stint at the company sound more like a grueling military boot camp than a tech startup.

A "Residential Security Officer" job listing seeks someone with the ability to walk up to 5 miles per shift, to lead patrols and inspections, as well as possessing first-aid skills. The ideal candidate must have:

  • Permits to carry a firearm
  • Ability to provide protective coverage during physically taxing activities (running, jumping, crawling, bending, lifting, etc.)
  • 3+ years experience in the military, law enforcement, or a public/private sector security organizationn

Another listing for a "Residential Security Driver" describes what sounds like a combination of affable Downtown Abbey wheelman Tom Branson and '70s TV super detective Tom Magnum.

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Samantha Lee/Business Insider

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

The future employee will chauffeur "important individuals," including executives, family members, and colleagues between the company's Venice Beach headquarters, private residences, and various local areas. In addition to passing a background and driving record check, the driver must come strapped - in this case, Snap specifies that the requisite gun permit must be for a concealed firearm.

Finally, Snapchat notes that its gun-toting driver should be comfortable working in a "family-friendly environment."


A watchman's jackpot

While security personnel is standard at all tech companies, none of the security-related job postings Business Insider has viewed at companies like Google and Facebook list weapons in the job description requirements. To be fair, Google and Facebook typically list more senior, director-level security positions on their sites, whereas the Snapchat jobs referred to here seem to be for rank-and-file recruits that would be more likely to require a weapon.

Snapchat would not comment on its security procedures or on its compensation packages. But assuming these security officers are even one-tenth as handsomely rewarded as their computer coding colleagues, the guards could be looking at some very in-demand Snapchat stock options or RSUs, months before the company's highly-anticipated IPO.

Google's IPO famously made the company's masseuse a multi-millionaire; Facebook's IPO delivered a $200 million windfall to the financially astute graffiti artist who painted the company headquarters; When Snapchat's IPO occurs, the security officers with guns may be the ones laughing all the way to the bank.

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