Ikea has created the kitchen of 2025 - and there's no stove or refrigerator


Concept Kitchen 2025 at IKEA Temporary Storing Visually 1


In 2025, refrigerators will be replaced by temperature controlled containers.

IKEA didn't just imagine the kitchen of the future, it actually built it.


The Concept Kitchen 2025, a pop-up exhibit featured at EXPO Milano 2015, isn't about your kitchen and its appliances doing all the work for you; its about helping you make thoughtful decisions about food and waste.

Innovations are everywhere. And much conventional thinking about what a kitchen actually requires has been thrown out the window. This is the kitchen reimagined for a time when the Internet of Things defines our lives.

The kitchen was developed with IDEO London, a global design firm, and college students focused on "the social, technological, and demographic forces that will impact how we behave around food in 2025." Check out all the bells and whistles below.