Best time to buy gold on Dhanteras day

Best time to buy gold on Dhanteras day
According to popular legends and beliefs in the Hindu tradition, buying gold and ornaments on Dhanteras is believed to invite prosperity and good luck into every household. The customary practice of purchasing gold on this auspicious day will see masses flocking to jewellery shops to invest in their favourite adornments and precious metals.

If you have decided to follow this tradition, you must also know the best time to buy gold on Dhanteras day. Here is a short guide to buying gold and other recommended items on Dhanteras along with tips for Dhanteras shopping and the best time to go shopping on this day.

How to plan for Dhanteras shopping

On Dhanteras, gold and gold ornaments are not the only items to shop for. You can also purchase silver, utensils, other forms of assets, vehicles, furniture and household items. Any of these items you purchase on this day can help bring good luck and prosperity.

Jewellery marts and other shops announce some attractive offers and discounts on this day. In fact, often jewellers keep their stores open during midnight hours if the time recommended for purchasing gold falls during the night.


Therefore, you can plan what to buy and when to buy taking into account the needs, preferences and convenience of your family.

The auspicious time to buy gold on Dhanteras 2023

On Dhanteras, if you are planning to buy gold on November 10, the shubh muhurat is 12:35 pm onwards. You can buy gold between November 10 afternoon to November 11 afternoon - 1:57 pm.

Useful tips for Dhanteras shopping

The shopping frenzy during this time could push you towards impulsive buys that you may regret later. Here are a few tips to avoid being sucked in by the chaos and get the most out of Dhanteras shopping

  • Do not get carried away by attractive advertisements that can be misleading and false.
  • Plan the shopping list in consultation with your family. Last minute shopping is never recommended as it does not give you enough time to think and plan the shopping in a more productive and smarter way.
  • Do some research to find out the available offers and discounts for the occasion. Compare between the prices and features of the items you wish to buy.
  • Be practical and realistic in your outlook – explore the available options thoroughly and make a careful assessment of the items you wish to buy. This will help invest in the right products at the right prices.
  • Though the advice of the salesperson may be useful to you, never get carried away by their recommendations in a blind way. In most cases, salespeople’s priority is to drive more sales – which means ensuring the best value for your money will take a backseat.