Holi 2022 – Here is a list of colourful wishes, quotes, and messages

Holi 2022 – Here is a list of colourful wishes, quotes, and messages
Holi 2022 is fast approaching and the first thing to do before the festival knocks your doors is to greet your near and dear ones and other contacts with some nice Holi quotes and messages to inspire them too. Holi comes during an important time in the year when the winter closes and the spring blossoms around us. It is time to prepare our bodies, minds and hearts for the next wonderful season. Therefore, Holi has a lot of significance as a festival of harvest and an event to beacon of better times and blessings.

Choose from the wishes, quotes and messages below to greet your friends, relatives and contacts to prepare them for a colourful, vibrant and joyful Holi 2022.

Holi wishes, quotes, and messages

Before welcoming Holi, I just remembered you and wanted to prepare you for the festival of colors too. Stay tuned to invite Holi and celebrate this Holi in great joys and wonderful colors. Let the charm of Holi last with you throughout the year and beyond. Happy Holi to you and your family.

Thinking of you on Holi! Have a blessed day.

Holi is a great occasion to celebrate with your family and friends. Let the colors of Holi dispel sorrows and add vibrancy to your life. Rejoice with family and friends and share the happiness with nature too.


May this festival of colors bring prosperity and happiness in your life. Happy Holi 2022!

Wishing you an amazing year ahead with lots of color and good luck. Hope you enjoy your day. Happy Holi 2022!

May this Holi 2022 bring lots and lots of colorful seasons and days into your life filled with plenty of happiness and love. Wishing you a very happy Holi!

Holi reminds us of brotherhood, comradeship and love for humanity. Let us all celebrate this Holi in the best of spirits and colors so that the world is blessed for happy times ahead.

Wishing you health, prosperity, and blessings from the gods. Enjoy the best of festive times with your dear ones. Happy Holi 2022!

Best wishes to you and your family for a fun filled Holi with sweet memories to cherish. May you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Let this Holi dispel darkness and add colors to our lives. Let us all count on the blessings we enjoy in our lives and share them with others too. As the festival transforms our day with happiness and joy, let us also add colors to the people around us.

Prosperity, good health, and success are in store. Open the window of your heart and welcome the festival. Enjoy the festivities to your fullest. Happy Holi 2022!

Holi is a day to make amends and honor friendships. I treasure your presence in my life today and always!

Play safe, eat healthily, and stay cheerful. This is my wish for you. Happy Holi my dear family!

Hoping your life will be like a rainbow filled with colors of love, friendship, and happiness. Happy Holi 2022!

On the occasion of Holi, I am sending warm wishes to you and your family to have the best ever Holi celebrations full of colors of laughter and happiness. Happy Holi to you.

May you be blessed with colors of joy and success. May you be showered with the love of your dear ones. Happy Holi 2022!

May this festival of colors fill your life with pleasant colors. I wish you a happy and colorful Holi!

Wishing you all a blessed and Happy Holi. Have a fantastic and colourful Holi festival this year.

May you enjoy this vivacious day with your dear ones and have memories that last a lifetime. Happy Holi and lots of success!

May you be blessed with good health, wealth, long life, peace, happiness, and joy on the auspicious day of Holi. Happy Holi 2022!

May you have the most blessed Holi festival that you have ever had. Wishing you a very special and colorful Holi! Happy Holi 2022!

Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi.

May the splash of many colors bring joy within your family. Have a Happy Holi!

May the festival of colors brighten your life with happiness, health, and success. Wishing you and your family Happy Holi 2022!

On the auspicious day of Holi, may the gods bless us all with good health, wealth, peace, joy, and happiness. A very happy Holi to everyone at home.

Happy Holi 2022! May this splendid festival bring you health, prosperity, and achievements in life.

Happy Holi 2022! I wish you a colourful day with all kinds of colour, love, and happiness.

Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish long after. Happy Holi!

Happy Holi 2022! Hope you have the most blessed Holi!

Happy Holi! May this Holi bring you lots of luck for life and the fulfillment of all your dreams and desires.