Indian Flag quotes for your Facebook and Whatsapp DP

Indian Flag quotes for your Facebook and Whatsapp DP
India is celebrating its 77th Independence Day on August 15, 2023. To commemorate the nation’s 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav,' which will be celebrated between August 13 and 15, the government has been making several announcements and arrangements. The objective is to prepare the masses to welcome the event in a fervent manner.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a clarion call to the Indian citizens to display the Tricolour in interesting ways in their social media profile pictures. This special movement will also focus on 'Har Ghar Tiranga', enjoining every home to hoist the Indian National Flag. Here are some select Tricolour quotes for your Facebook and WhatsApp display pictures (DPs).

Tricolour quotes for your Facebook and WhatsApp DPs

My favourite colours are all colours created by God, but if you ask me which colours glitter in my eyes, they are the colours of my tricoloured flag fluttering high.

She was waiting for him to return in glory. He did come back, but wrapped in a Tricolour. She felt he was glorified beyond compare and experienced the biggest pride of her life.



L – Love

I – Indian

F – Flag

E – Eternally

I am happy ‘coz you’re making me proud. We sleep in tranquillity because of you. We are shielded because of you. You are guarding our skies. I am happy that the Tricolour is protected by the brave, Fly High!

Under the Tricolour, stands a land that is a cultural Superpower.

I love flagging: Whether it is plagiarised post or the National Tricolour

Do you know why our national flag flies high? Because it flutters in the last breath of every soldier who died protecting our country.

A symbol of unity, strength, and sacrifice, our Tricolour is the symbol of this nation’s pride.

“What is your favourite colour?”, “Saffron, white and green, with pride”

His last wish was to die for the country and let the Tricolour be her pride.

Dear India, Keep inspiring and motivating us with your beautiful tricolours that are so soothing to the eyes and yet encouraging; With your dynamic constitution, which is well balanced and sensible in every aspect. Proud to be a part of you . . .

The Tricolour is the symbol of National unity. Let us stand together for eternity, undivided and unconquered, because we have patriotism in our spirits.

I admire my tricoloured flag; I am roused to action by seeing it flutter high in the air. It waves me off when I go on my quest and invites me gloriously when I am back with laurels. My nation’s flag is my pride and symbol of freedom.

Patriotism consists not in waving the flag, but in striving that our country shall be righteous as well as strong. Let the Tricolour revive our spirits and keep it burning for all times.

We identify the Tricolour with almost everything that we hold dear to us on this earth. The Tricolour stands for liberty, our family, friends, home and nation. It keeps inspiring us all along our journey. Let us stay inspired and also inspire others to take pride in the Tricolour.

The Tricolour does not wave in a vacuum. It always flutters in the air, powered by the sacrifices of countless patriots. Let us bow down to their noble hearts that bless us from above.

Meet the young India emerging with flying colours, dynamic and versatile in every manner. Let the world know we are back with a bang.

Today we come together, be the cause for unity, make it a beautiful day, fight against corruption and hoist the Tricolour of our nation high in the air.

The Tricolour – not only India’s pride, it is the pride of the world that houses a country that is the largest democracy sporting unity in diversity. We are a glorious example for the world to emulate. Let the Tricolour fly high in the air for eternity.

The sap of our patriots’ courage, confidence, devotion and sacrifice is in the making of the Tricolour. Let the Tricolour speak our adoration of freedom in tall words.

I am always inspired at the sight of my tricoloured flag. It reminds me that I belong to a nation that is so ancient, but still energetic in spirit. I love India.

India is my soul – the Tricolour reminds me that I always belong to a tradition that is admired worldwide and adored for its richness, sacrifice, compassion and sense of humanity.

When I see the Tricolour flutter in the air so high, I am reminded of the noblest of traditions in the world. Let my spirit soar high every time I see the flag soar up in the air.



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