scorecardCan I open my sweet shop and other FAQs on the government lockdown, answered
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Can I open my sweet shop and other FAQs on the government lockdown, answered

Can I open my sweet shop and other FAQs on the government lockdown, answered
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As many as 75 districts across the country are under lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Here are a few frequently asked questions related to lockdown in India.

  1. Can I move out from home to procure essential supplies for my home kitchen?
    This is perfectly allowed provided that you abide by the rules of social isolation. Plan your shopping in the nearby places and limit your movements. And when you do, maintain the basics of social distance.
  2. Will transportation systems continue to operate?
    Privately public transportation systems like cabs, auto rickshaws, rickshaws and others will be suspended during the lockdown period. However, trains in cities like Mumbai will run but only those who furnish an ID proving to work for an essential service, will be allowed.
  3. Can we host a birthday party at our home?
    Parties and gatherings of all kinds have been prohibited. You may need to postpone any event planned at your home or otherwise.
  4. Can I visit my friend or relative in the same town during lockdown?
    Movements outside your home are permitted only on grounds of procuring essential supplies and availing of critical medical assistance. At the checkpoints, officials overseeing the lockdown might enquire where you are moving to. As much as possible, try to avoid any casual moves outside your home during the lockdown period.
  5. I have a cloth shop. Can I open it during the lockdown period?
    Cloth shops do not come under essential services. Hence you need to shut your shop during the lockdown period.
  6. I am a cab driver. Can I run my private transport system?
    The Delhi government owned public transport system will operate with 25% of the services during the lockdown period and other private operators are barred from operating their cabs.
  7. I sell groceries, milk, ration and other items. Can I open my shop?
    Since groceries, milk, ration and other food items you sell are covered under essential categories of supplies, you can operate your shop as usual.
  8. Can I open the sweet shop I own?
    Sweet shops might also sell bakery items. In such case your shop will come under essential services and hence you can operate your shop.
  9. Can I travel from one city another during lockdown?
    Permitting travels between cities depends on the policies and situation of the locality you are living in. You must consult the local authorities in this case if any travel is absolutely necessitated.
  10. Can I travel between states during lockdown?
    In most cases, state borders remain closed during lockdown and so you might not be able to travel between states except for critical medical reasons.
  11. Can I go to work at my office during lockdown?
    Many offices have let their employees work from home during the lockdown period. If your company has allowed this provision, you can make use of it. If you need to travel to your office, you will need to produce a work certificate at checkpoints.