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How much damage has Cyclone Remal caused in Kolkata?

How much damage has Cyclone Remal caused in Kolkata?
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Being the first cyclone in the Bay of Bengal this pre-monsoon season, Cyclone Remal caused quite a bit of stir even before its arrival. As for what happened after it made landfall as a Severe Cyclonic Storm, the trail of destruction it is leaving in its wake should be answer enough.

It is being said that the BoB cyclone has only caused moderate damage so far, but reports indicate that it has still managed to cause some major disruptions. Kolkata, in particular, is still piecing itself together after the storm's destructive Sunday night visit.

For reference, Kolkata accumulated 146 mm of rainfall between 8:30 AM on Sunday and 5:30 AM on Monday, with other areas, including Haldia (110 mm), Tamluk (70 mm) and Nimpith (70 mm), in the vicinity also witnessing heavy rains during the period.

As per reports, the storm triggered wall-collapse in the Entali area, resulting in the death of a 51-year-old man. Further, the incessant rains, along with gusty winds, uprooted many trees and damaged electricity poles. Kolkata, which has the propensity to flood at the tiniest provocation, saw waterlogging in several areas amid heavy rainfall. The roadblockage further impeded movement within the West Bengal capital.

Metro services, flights and trains have all been either partially or completely suspended since Sunday noon, causing considerable inconvenience to commuters and leaving many stranded.

On the bright side, things are slowly returning to normal. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), Remal has already weakened into a cyclone and is on the path to undergo further de-intensification today.

Municipal authorities and disaster management teams are out in force, wielding shovels and determination as they clear debris, remove fallen trees, and work tirelessly to restore normalcy to the city. The ever-reliable Kolkata Metro is also running on a limited schedule due to waterlogging on the tracks. Flight operations at the airport have thankfully resumed, but locals must be prepared for delays and cancellations as the city sorts itself out.

However, Kolkata isn't quite in the clear yet. A red alert issued for Murshidabad and Nadia districts warns of heavy rainfall (7-20 cm) – residents there should be prepared for potential flash floods and overflowing rivers. The city itself can expect a soaking with continuous rain, thundershowers, and strong winds that could gust up to a forceful 80 kmph. So, Kolkata, hold onto your hats (and maybe invest in a sturdier umbrella)!