Coronavirus in India — a visual guide to how the Covid-19 infection is spreading in the country

A visual guide to the coronavirus outbreak in IndiaBCCL
  • There are 125 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in India across 15 states.
  • Two patients who tested positive for the virus are now dead.
  • The coronavirus outbreak has been declared an epidemic in five states.
Coronavirus isn't new to the world. There are over 200 types of coronavirus, of which seven types can affect humans. However, Covid-19 is a new type of the virus that has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation.

In India, there are currently 125 confirmed cases of the coronavirus with thousands under quarantine suspected of the infection.

Even though over 7,000 people virus Covid-19 have died all the over world, there have only been 2 fatalities in India so far.


As of now, Antarctic is the only continent still shielded from the diseases with zero reported cases. Here's a visual guide to how the coronavirus started in India and then spread across the country.

The coronavirus outbreak around the world
A month after the coronavirus was first spotted in China, India confirmed its first case. A student returning from Wuhan University from China was diagnosed with Covid-19 on January 30.


The coronavirus outbreak in India so far
Currently, India has 125 active confirmed cases of the coronavirus. It has suspended all tourist visas until April 15, since the majority of cases in India were of passengers coming in from other countries.

The rate at which coronavirus is spreading in India
After the first case, the outbreak only escalated in March. The government drew up plans to deal with the worsening pandemic coordinating between seven ministries working to set up additional quarantine and treatment facilities across the country.


The Indian government has also set up checkpoints at airports and took measures to keep the coronavirus from entering the country. Stringent sanitation measures were also taken up by the relevant departments, including railways and airlines, to keep areas where people gather free from infection.

Map of Indian states with confirmed coronavirus cases
The coronavirus outbreak has been declared an epidemic in the states and territories of Delhi, Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.


Top 5 states with confirmed coronavirus cases
In those five states the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897, has been invoked. This allows the states to restrict public gathering by shutting down schools, universities, shopping malls, cinema halls and other possible areas where the infection could spread rapidly.

Map of Indian states where patients have recovered from the coronavirus
The first three cases to test positive for the coronavirus virus in India have since recovered from the infection.

Map of Indian states where patients have died from the coronavirus pandemic
So far, two cases of the coronavirus have resulted in deaths. The first man to die from Covid-19 was a 76-year old from Kalaburgi, Karnataka on March 12. The following day a 69-year old woman in Delhi, who tested positive for the virus, also passed away.


Patients in five states have recovered
On March 13, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed that SAARC nations should join hands to fight the outbreak. Two days later he pledged ₹74 crore ($10 million) to the Covid-19 Emergency Fund for SAARC countries. At home, the government is testing suspected coronavirus patients free of charge.