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Eco-friendly golf car service started in Ayodhya ahead of consecration ceremony

Eco-friendly golf car service started in Ayodhya ahead of consecration ceremony
Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) [India], January 3 (ANI): An eco-friendly golf car service has been started in Ayodhya ahead of the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple on January 22.

The service has been started by the Uttar Pradesh government with the view of equipping Ayodhya with a zero-carbon emission E-vehicle transport facility.

Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) has started working on a detailed action plan in this direction.

In its first phase, 15 EV Plus four-wheeler e-vehicles with a seating capacity of four passengers have been started in Ayodhya. As part of this process, preference is being given to EV cars manufactured in India under the 'Make in India' initiative.

Moreover, an e-cart service, has been operational in Ayodhya since the Deepotsav program last year.

This service has a seating capacity for 6 passengers and mainly helps elderly devotees travel to Hanumangarhi and Shri Ram Janmabhoomi temple complex and other pilgrimage sites, the press release said.

According to the government's press release, the operation of e-vehicle transport service has also started between Lucknow and Ayodhya. "This service is currently being operated by ADA through a private partnership," it read.

To enhance the beauty of the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Pran-Pratishtha (consecration) program in Ayodhya, a large-scale VVIP movement including that of artists and tourists is proposed in Ayodhya between Makar Sankranti (January 15) to January 22."

In view of this, the process of implementing the plan to deploy a fleet of 200 e-vehicles, giving preference to zero carbon emission transportation, has been started," the press release said.

In this sequence, Passion International Private Limited is providing cab service with the name of 'My EV Plus' under the EV transportation process through a private partnership by ADA.

Prashant Garg, the director of the company, mentioned that the service will be available for pilgrims arriving at Ayodhya airport from January 6.

Garg further mentioned that this is a pick-and-drop facility-based service that focuses on making journeys smooth and safe through Google Location and Google Maps access.

This service has also been started to and fro between Lucknow and Ayodhya and passengers will have to pay a fee of Rs 3000 for a one-way journey.

"Similarly, in Ayodhya, passengers will have to pay Rs 250 for a journey of 0 to 10 km, Rs 399 for a journey of 0 to 15 km, Rs 499 for a journey of 0 to 20 km, Rs 799 for a journey of 20 to 30 km and Rs 999 for a journey of 30 to 40 km," the press release said. (ANI)


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