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FASTag Deadline Is Nearing And Here Are A Few FAQs To Ensure Compliance

FASTag Deadline Is Nearing And Here Are A Few FAQs To Ensure Compliance
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The Government of India has mandated all the vehicles running on the Indian roads to get FASTag by December 1, 2019. FASTag is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) as part of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. FASTag facilitates direct toll payments by deducting the toll fee from the linked account of the customer. With the date for affixing FASTag nearing, here are a few FAQs that will help you ensure compliance better.

What are the benefits of FASTag?

FASTag can rule out the need to wait at the long queues at the toll plazas. Some of the benefits of FASTag include promoting digital payment among the toll users, reducing pollution due to the vehicles waiting at the toll plazas and saving the time of the toll users.

How to recharge FASTag?

The user can recharge the FATag account online through credit card / debit card / NEFT / RTGS or Net Banking. PayTm also provides the facility to recharge FASTag.

What happens if there is no adequate balance in FASTag?

It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain adequate balance in the FASTag. Failing to maintain enough balance, the corresponding FASTag will be blacklisted at the toll plaza and the customer will not be able to avail of the NETC services. Hence he or she must make the toll fee in cash. This will mean that FASTag without sufficient balance is as good as a useless paper.

Where can I purchase FASTag?

You can purchase FASTag at any one of the NETC member banks. Some of these banks provide online facility to apply for FASTag. Once you complete the online application and submit, you can visit the said bank physically to produce the necessary supporting documents to get a new FASTag subscription for your vehicle.

What documents need to be submitted for new FASTag registration?

The documents you will need for new FASTag subscription include the vehicle’s registration certificate, vehicle owner’s passport size photograph and KYC documents of the vehicle owner for address and identity proof.

What is the price of FASTag?

The FASTag issuance charges may differ between the issuing agencies. However, the one-time joining fee is Rs 200.

Where to put the FASTag on my vehicle?

Once the tag account is active, you must fix the FASTag sticker to the windscreen of your vehicle.

What is the penalty for not using FASTag?

The National Highways Authority has directed the zonal offices to levy double toll fee as the penalty for vehicles not having FASTag. This will mean 100% penalty for not having FASTag. The rule reads thus, “User of the vehicle not fitted with FASTag entering the FASTag lane of the toll plazas shall pay a fee equivalent to two times of the fee applicable to the category of vehicle as per sub-rule (2) of rule 4.”

Can FASTag be transferred to another vehicle?

FASTag is vehicle specific and completely linked to the particular vehicle for which it is originally bought. It cannot be transferred to any other vehicle.

How will I get to know the transactions through FASTag?

When your vehicle passes through the toll plaza and your FASTag account is debited, you will get SMS alert on the registered mobile number.

Do two wheelers need FASTag?

Two-wheelers and three-wheelers do not need FASTag. It is essential only for four wheelers that need to pay the toll fee.