India helpline numbers for coronavirus cases

India helpline numbers for coronavirus cases
Coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading across the world and India. So far only 184 cases have been been reported in India but the government’s main concern to keep the infection from spreading any further.

It has taken wide spread measures to see that the containment is strengthened, the chain of transmission is broken, the public is educated on the right methods of prevention and contro. More importantly, the Indian government has put up check points at transit junctions like railway stations andd airports to ensure that victims of the coronavirus infection are quarantined and allowed to recover before heading home.

In addition, it has issued detailed guidelines and rules to every stakeholder in the healthcare system and to the general public. Anyone suspected of having a coronavirus infection should be reported to the concerned district surveillance unit. If you believe that you may have come in contact with someone who may has the infection or if any one of your known contacts are suspected for the same, it is recommended that you the governmental machinery for the necessary assistance.

Here is a list of helpline numbers for coronavirus cases in India.

India coronavirus central helpline number: +91-11-23978046


Tollfree number: 1075

The helpline email ID for coronavirus: ncov2019[at]gov[dot]in

Helpline numbers for coronavirus assistance across all states:

1 Andhra Pradesh: 0866-2410978

2 Arunachal Pradesh: 9536055743

3 Assam: 6913347770

4 Bihar: 104

5 Chhattisgarh: 077122-35091

6 Goa: 104

7 Gujarat: 104

8 Haryana: 8558893911

9 Himachal Pradesh: 104

10 Jharkhand: 104

11 Karnataka: 104

12 Kerala 0471-2552056

13 Madhya Pradesh: 0755-2527177

14 Maharashtra: 020-26127394

15 Manipur: 3852411668

16 Meghalaya: 108

17 Mizoram: 102

18 Nagaland: 7005539653

19 Odisha: 9439994859

20 Punjab: 104

21 Rajasthan: 0141-2225624

22 Sikkim: 104

23 Tamil Nadu: 044-29510500

24 Telangana: 104

25 Tripura: 0381-2315879

26 Uttar Pradesh: 18001805145

27 Uttarakhand: 104

28 West Bengal: 3323412600

Helpline numbers for coronavirus assistance across all Union Territories (UTs)

1 Andaman & Nicobar Islands: 03192-232102

2 Chandigarh: 9779558282

3 D & N Haveli: 104 Daman & Diu: 104

4 Delhi: 011-22307145

5 Jammu: 1912520982 Kashmir: 0194-2440383

6 Ladakh: 01982-256462

7 Lakshdweep: 04896-263742

8 Puducherry: 104


Who can call the helpline numbers for coronavirus infection?

The coronavirus helpline numbers have been duly provided and are managed by the Government of India. You can call the helpline numbers in the following situations:

  1. Any individual who has any doubts or queries regarding coronavirus can contact on the given helpline numbers for any sort of clarification and details.
  2. You can get information regarding the coronavirus disease control and prevention centers including their location, contact numbers and other relevant information you want.
  3. In case you come across any of your family members, relatives, friends or contacts with symptoms of infection, you can call the helpline numbers to get the necessary support information and assistance.
The spread of coronavirus can soon get out fo hand. The participation and responsible action of every citizen to combat and keep the infection from spreading. In this regard, the helpline numbers given by the government can come in handy for a variety of needs.