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Here’s how Donald Trump described Narendra Modi to a journalist

Here’s how Donald Trump described Narendra Modi to a journalist
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Business Insider India
  • US President Donald Trump told a journalist that Facebook CEO told him he was 'number one' on Facebook.
  • Trump added that Modi was 'number two'.
  • Trump's decision to open for the Indian Prime Minister at Howdy Modi was reportedly based on the large crowds that gathered at the event.
US President Donald Trump thinks that he has the “number one” account on Facebook followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who’s at number two. In a conversation with CNBC reporter Joe Kernan, Trump said this information was given to him by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In the same conversation, Trump also said that he believes Zuckerberg might run for President someday.

In reality, Modi has 17 million followers ahead of Trump and neither of them top the charts. Football star Christiano Ronaldo has the largest fan following with nearly 123.2 million followers and 122.2 million likes making him the most-followed person with a verified personal page on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has been wooed by Modi’s popularity.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (left) and US President Donald Trump (right)      BCCL

Last year, Trump opened for the Howdy Modi rally in Houston, Texas. According to comedian Hasan Minhaj — who was at the event but blacklisted from attending because of his comments on the Indian elections — Trump’s decision to open for Modi at the rally was based on the fact that NSG stadium was completely sold out.

Trump did not disclose when this dinner took place. If there was to any correlation between the two events, it would be purely speculative. However, it seems much of Trump’s respect for Modi comes from the Indian Prime Minister's online popularity.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t stop Trump from offering his help with Kashmir — the most recent of which was at the World Economic Forum at Davos — even after India has repeatedly asserted that it’s strictly a bilateral issue.

There’s a lot riding on Trump’s visit to New Delhi in February. India is hoping to sign a limited trade deal and civil aviation deal. Here’s hoping that Trump’s love for Modi’s fan following and the desire to be ‘number one’ on Facebook is enough of an incentive.

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