scorecardThe story Of Ganesha's mouse: How Mushak became the Lord's vehicle?
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The story Of Ganesha's mouse: How Mushak became the Lord's vehicle?

The story Of Ganesha's mouse: How Mushak became the Lord's vehicle?
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  • The Hindu mythology is replete with intriguing stories like the one of Ganesh and His Mouse Mushak.
  • If you are wondering how He acquired this very unusual ride, read on.
The story of the Lord Ganesha’s ride, Mushak is told in Matsya Purana. In the heavens, the abode of the gods; Indra, the king of gods, was holding court. Sages, gandharvas (celestial musicians) and gods were assembled in the court.

Indra wanted to assign a mission to Krauncha, who was a gandharva. As Krauncha was summoned by Indra, the gandharva rushed forward from his seat. In the process, he accidentally stamped the foot of Sage Vamadeva. The sage, in a fit of anger, cursed the singer to turn into a rodent and roam aimlessly in the wild.

A giant mouse rages on

As a result of the curse, Krauncha turned into a colossal mouse, and started destroying crops, vegetation, animals and also went about killing people. The desperate war waged by the giant rodent on anything and everything found on its way had its devastating consequences on the universe. People hoped for a saviour who would protect them from the destruction caused by Mushak.

Once, Mushak passed through the hermitage of the Sage Parashar. Lord Ganesha was also camped at the premises and decided to put an end to the atrocities caused by him. The Lord soon gained over him in a fight. After he was subjugated and arrogance was subdued, Mushak surrendered at the feet of Lord Ganesh and begged his pardon.

As Ganesh rode on the giant mouse, Mushak could not bear the heavy weight of the Lord. He begged the Lord to show mercy on him by reducing his size. Lord Ganesh mercifully consented and assumed a smaller size.

Mushak felt blessed and requested the Lord to appoint him as Ganesha’s royal vehicle. Lord Ganesh granted this boon to Mushak and thus, he became his eternal companion, and his vehicle.

Moral of the story

  • Be respectful to elders and remember carelessness may also have serious repercussions. By accidentally stamping Sage Vamadeva’s feet, Krauncha earned the curse.
  • Never harm others overtaken by pride; there is always someone more powerful than you in the universe. The arrogant Mushak goes about destroying lives and property, which earned him the wrath of the lord.
  • Seeking and earning the service of the Lord is a great blessing. Mushak seeks the company of the Lord and his fervent prayers make him the Lord’s favourite vehicle.