scorecardHowrah man builds 'Bravo', a robot to help teach Autistic children
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Howrah man builds 'Bravo', a robot to help teach Autistic children

Howrah man builds 'Bravo', a robot to help teach Autistic children
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A resident of Shibpur in Howrah district, has earned the nickname "Robot Man" for his relentless efforts in building robots with a noble purpose.

Atanu Ghosh's latest creation, "Bravo," is not just an ordinary robot, it serves a unique role in assisting autistic children with their learning and also plays a crucial part in awareness programs and as a waiter in restaurants.

The motivation behind his remarkable work is simple: he strives to benefit society. His journey into robotics began long ago when he designed his first remote-controlled robot in 1979 at the age of 18. His inspiration came from his father, who worked as a research equipment designer in Calcutta University's Department of Physiology.

Speaking to ANI, Atanu Ghosh shared his passion and vision for his ongoing project. "Bravo" is an AI-controlled robot, developed over three months, that currently serves as a waiter in a restaurant, delivering food orders to the respective tables.

However, its purpose extends beyond the hospitality industry; Bravo is specially designed to aid in teaching autistic children.

Ghosh explained, "This is my pilot project. After two more weeks, this will be properly complete. Bravo is an AI-controlled robot who works as a waiter in a restaurant and serves food at the tables of those who ordered. He can also perform similar tasks in the medical field. I was very clear that Bravo should be made to assist in teaching autistic children."

Despite his achievements, Atanu Ghosh has not yet received formal support from government or non-government institutions. However, he remains optimistic about potential collaborations in the future.

"I have built three robots at my own expense, and my intentions are pure for public benefit. If the government or other institutions contact me, I will be more than willing to help and create robots like Bravo," he stated.

Atanu Ghosh's dedication to using robotics for societal good has been unwavering. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he created "Kritya," a robot designed to assist doctors by delivering medicines to COVID-19 patients.

"When Covid time came, we created KRITYA (robot) to help doctors and now we created BRAVO (robot) to help autistic children," said Ghosh.

His commitment to innovation and the betterment of society has resulted in his latest creation, "Bravo," a robot with a heart and purpose, aimed at helping autistic children and making the world a better place, one invention at a time. (ANI)