Lockdown:Clip of man and ox pulling cart on highway goes viral

Lockdown:Clip of man and ox pulling cart on highway goes viral
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Indore, May 13 () In a video underlining plight ofthe poor amidst the coronavirus-induced lockdown that hasseverely impacted public transport, a man and an ox can beseen pulling a cart on a national highway, promptingauthorities to take cognisance.


The video was reportedly shot on National Highway No.3 (Agra-Mumbai Highway) that passes through Indore district.

The video has caught the attention of the districtadministration, which is now trying to establish theauthenticity of the same.

The clip shows a man and an ox pulling a cart whileanother man and a woman are sitting on it with some householditems.

The man, who appears to be in his 40s, says his nameis Rahul and he belonged to Pattharmundla village (locatednear Indore city) and was travelling towards the countrysidefrom Mhow town, along with his family, including his sister-in-law and younger brother who are sitting in the cart.


"Buses are not plying because of the lockdown. Wewould have travelled by bus otherwise. My father, brother andsister are walking and have gone ahead of us," the man says inthe video.

The family sells cattle for a living and had sold abull worth Rs 15,000 for only Rs 5,000 to buy essentials, hesays.

Meanwhile, the district administration has takencognisance of this viral video.

"I have instructed the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)of Mhow's Janpad Panchayat to check the authenticity of thevideo," sub-divisional Magistrate (SDM) Pratul Sinha told on Wednesday.

The authorities were tracking down the person who isseen pulling a cart in the video and the family will be givenall possible help under government schemes, he said. HWPADU MAS ARUNSK NSK

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