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Ram Temple creates a buzz in Davos too

Ram Temple creates a buzz in Davos too
Ram Temple in Ayodhya has created a buzz in this Swiss ski resort town during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting with devotees planning to hold Ram Bhajans and light diyas on the consecration day this coming Monday. Besides, many global business leaders have been inquiring from the Indian delegation, including those from the government and private sector, about the business and infrastructure opportunities created by development of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh as a major religious and tourism centre.

Speaking to PTI on the sidelines of the WEF Annual Meeting 2024, Union Minister Smriti Irani said she met a group of devotees who asked her if they can also celebrate Ram Temple consecration ceremony on January 24.

"Some Ram Bhakts here asked me to record a message imploring the community here to do Ram Bhajan and to lighten diyas here on 22nd January.

"They came to the lounge and saw me here, walked up and they made that request," said Irani who is leading a strong Indian delegation to the WEF.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several leaders are scheduled to be present at the ceremony in Ayodhya on January 22, which is likely to be attended by over 8,000 people.

Besides, the prime minister has urged people across the country to celebrate the day like Diwali at their respective places.

Besides the temple, an international airport has also been set up in Ayodhya while a large number of infrastructure projects are being built there to develop the city into a major religious tourism centre.

"I think we as a community have shown... I always say in Hindi that 'Dharma ke liye dhairya dikhayen' (show patience when it comes to religion), and the fact that we have been patient and waited for a judicial pronouncement with regards to our beliefs and rights, that speaks volumes about the strength of our democracy and the prime minister of India," Irani said.

"Respecting every religion, we waited for a long time that Bhagwan Ghar Aayenge (God will come home)," said Irani, who is minister for women and child development as well as minority affairs.

"It is a reason for celebration and joy, so my gratitude to everybody who showed that patience and I look forward to going back home, going to (my Lok Sabha constituency) Amethi on 22nd January and celebrating with them," Irani said.

Besides other states, Uttar Pradesh has also set up a pavilion here for the WEF Annual Meeting and visitors, including businessmen from across the world, have been inquiring about the temple and other Ayodhya projects.

Several global leaders said they are keen to know about these projects, in addition to other business opportunities in India.


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