scorecardSuspected case of monkeypox in UP's Aurraiya district
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Suspected case of monkeypox in UP's Aurraiya district

Suspected case of monkeypox in UP's Aurraiya district
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A suspected case of monkeypox has been reported from Aurraiya district in Uttar Pradesh.

The samples of the suspected patient have been sent to King George's Medical University, Lucknow, for further testing and officials concerned informed.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr Archana Srivastava sent Dr Sarfaraz from the district hospital to Bidhuna to collect the samples.

The suspected patient, a woman, lives in Bidhuna tehsil and had been suffering from fever and other monkeypox like symptoms for the past one week.

She has no immediate travel history.

Superintendent Dr Siddharth Verma said: "In view of the symptoms of a possible monkeypox case, these samples have been sent to KGMU, Lucknow, for investigation. The woman has been sent home with instructions for precautions."

He said that the woman was getting treatment from a private doctor and when she did not get relief, she went to get medicine from a former medical officer on bypass road on Sunday.

The former medical officer noticed small spots on the woman's body. The woman also complained of severe pain in her hands and soles.

Suspecting it to be a case monkeypox, the medical officer informed the World Health Organization (WHO) over the phone.

The former medical officer referred the woman to a community health centre in Bihduna. The chief minister's office was also informed.