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There will be a major shift in the way Indians shop and consume brands

There will be a major shift in the way Indians shop and consume brands
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Parth Jindal, MD of JSW Cement & JSW Paints    JSW Cement & JSW Paints
Over the next 25 years, I see India as a $12 trillion economy and a healthy middle-income country with a large young working population. I also see our business economy optimally leveraging this young workforce along with our engineering and technology prowess to Make in India for the world.

India at 100 will transform into a green energy nation by pioneering the use and advent of green energy sources. Our green energy sources will range from renewables to green hydrogen thereby ensuring that we remain one of the most significant front-runners of sustainable industrial revolution.

This will be achieved by ensuring the reduction in consumption of coal and plastic as critical focus areas. We will also move away from all types of fossil fuel usage.

While sustainability is becoming a significant priority over the next few years, it will be equally important to ensure that we take necessary steps towards providing universal healthcare, education and food for all. Food security will emerge as an important focus area within the next decade.

All these initiatives will create a positive and sustainable environment for every Indian citizen by significantly improving their standard of living. While India is at the cusp of a fascinating transformation, it will be important for us to make concerted effort towards reducing the unacceptably high levels of inequality prevalent today.

On the consumption front, there will be a major shift in the way Indians shop and consume brands. The buying behaviour will shift in favour of Indian brands over global brands. As India’s influence in global trade grows, it will help create many more Indian global brands as compared to what we have now.

In terms of popular culture, our media content has started receiving global attention and I see this trend getting stronger. I am positive that Bollywood will play a prominent role in ensuring that our content gets consumed globally and in turn puts India on the global media and entertainment map.

Similarly, in the world of sports, properties like the IPL and others will help in making India an extremely valuable sports market. As we grow economically, I have no doubt that we will also grow in our Olympic calibre as well, making India one of the most successful Olympic nations.

Competing with universities and educational institutions of the West will be a significant priority to ensure that our future generations have greater access to superior quality of education and learning facilities. It will also be important that we attract high-caliber talent from around the world to complete higher education and make their base in India.

On the technological front, our vast talent pool will ensure that nothing can come in the way of India taking a dominant position on the global stage. I have no doubt we will be at the forefront of high-quality infrastructure with good roads, fast trains, metros, airports. India will also learn to take full advantage of our very long coastline and internal waterways to aid in the movement of goods and people.

We will have a self-sustained ecosystem to fulfil our raw material needs and minimize dependence on other countries for these resources. We will also take a leadership position in making electric mobility more accessible in the country as well as globally.