These 10 outdoor plants can save you from air pollution

These 10 outdoor plants can save you from air pollution

Green environment can provide the cleanest and safest place for humans to live. Trees and plants are oxygen generating factories that cleanse air, absorb carbon dioxide and supply oxygen for animals and humans to breathe. Deforestation and urbanization have left us with lesser number of plants to combat the air pollution around us. While increasing rate of air pollution poses serious health risks for humans, these outdoor plants can help beat the detrimental effects of air pollution and purify the air around us to a great extent.

How do trees and plants help beat air pollution?

Polluted air contains particles, odors and harmful gasses like nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and ammonia. These pollutants settle on the leaves of trees and plants. The leaves and plant surface absorb these pollutants and through their stomata (pores) and filter these harmful substances from the air. Trees also trap heat and reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. They also reduce the ground level ozone level and enrich the air around us with life giving oxygen. For combating a variety of respiratory troubles and other illnesses caused by air pollution, there can be no better way than planting some chosen varieties of plants that can cleanse the air and make our environment better. Here is a list of 10 outdoor that can improve the air quality around us by beating pollution.

Wall flower plant

Wallflower is a kind of ornamental plant highly suitable for outdoors. This plant can fight air pollution by filtering air. It can effectively filter pollutants of different sizes from the air like soot and dust and thus clean the air.

Common Ivy plant

This plant has leaves with large surface. This fact makes this plan the ideal choice for air purification. This plant pumps a good amount of oxygen into the atmosphere thereby freshening the air.

Lady’s mantle plant

Lady’s mantle has hairy leaves. This plant reduces the levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air and also traps harmful particles and hence this is yet another ideal choice for cleansing the air around us.

Aster and Osmanthus plant

Both these plants are known as bioindicator plants that can change their appearance when the air around them is polluted beyond a particular level. Thus you can get to know that the air quality is deteriorating and take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

Mediterranean Hackberry plant

It has a high degree of carbon dioxide absorbing nature and hence this is a highly sought after choice for fighting air pollution.

Littleleaf Linden plant

This plant can reduce smog easily and also can clear the air from excess levels of CO2.

Norway Maple plant

When it comes to cleaning the carbon dioxide in the air, this plant is a clear winner than many other options. This maple tree can absorb five tons of CO2 within 30 years.

Turkey Oak plant

This is one of the most favorite choices for parks. This tree can absorb high amounts of CO2 and freshen the air.

Ginkgo biloba plant

This plant is also called as living dinosaur. This plant has excellent CO2 cleaning capabilities.

Living walls plant

Living walls created with plants like sedum, hedera, thyme, vinca, carex and juga can act as pollution barriers especially in the urban areas and vicinity of busy roads.

Final word plant

Plant some chosen varieties of plants in your outdoors to see that you do your bit to save the environment and combat air pollution.