These five fruits will help you reduce the harmful effects of air pollution

These five fruits will help you reduce the harmful effects of air pollution
Studies show that some fruits can protect us from the dreadful effects of air pollution. These studies also reveal us that the antioxidants contained in some fruits can significantly reduce the harmful impact of air pollution in most people. Here are the recommendations of some top studies related to this topic.

List of five fruits that will help you fight the effects of air pollution

The list of five fruits recommended by some studies to fight the harmful effects of air pollution include pink grapefruit, watermelon, tomatoes, citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, and avocados.

Fruits and phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are a large group of compounds that plants produce and store in some fruits and vegetables. Substances like antioxidants, flavonoids, phytonutrients, and other types of phytochemicals can have a profound effect on our immune system and also strengthen our muscular, circulatory and other systems in the body. For example, lycopene, the phytochemical seen in fruits like pink grapes, tomatoes, red pepper and watermelon can significantly improve lung health and heart health. Though there are around 4,000 phytochemicals, the effects of only a few have been studied well so far.

Antioxidants and air pollution

Antioxidants found in fruits can help save the cells from the dreadful effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are produced when substances like air particles, smoke, some foods and tobacco particles are broken down in the body. These free radicals bombard the body cells causing them severe damage. Hence it is very essential to keep the antioxidants level in the body as high as possible to fight these invaders. Studies suggest that free radicals might be causing heart diseases, pulmonary disorders, cancers and others.

How these five fruits can help you fight air pollution?

Pink grapefruit, watermelon, tomatoes, citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, and avocados have high levels of antioxidants and phytochemicals in them. Hence as per the studies conducted in the areas of fighting air pollution, these fruits have been recommended to be more beneficial to health than ever before, especially when we are confronting the severe effects of air pollution. Yet another study conducted recently suggests that those patients suffering from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) and other kinds of respiratory problems can benefit a lot by eating these fruits.

Recommendations by new studies

A new study involving people with COPD and asthma tell us that those diagnosed with lower levels of some antioxidants especially vitamin C in their blood are more susceptible to damage due to harmful air pollutant particles. Combustion of fossil fuels and the smoke produced from traffic pump a lot of particulate matter into the air. Especially at a time when the concentration of these pollutants is high in the air around us, people with COPD and asthma are most likely to suffer alarming complications demanding hospitalization. The easy way to combat this condition is to consume the fruits recommended in this discussion that are rich in phytochemicals and anti-oxidants.