Top 10 richest families in India - Ambani, Godrej, Hinduja families

Top 10 richest families in India - Ambani, Godrej, Hinduja families
As per the Hurun Research Report, 10 Indian families hold a wealth of INR 11,08,500 crores in total. Hailing from different industry backgrounds, these families have been able to amass a huge wealth that has captured a place among the top 10 wealthiest families in India. Here is an overview of the total net worth of these families along with their background.

1. Ambani Family

The net worth of Ambani family is INR 3,80,700 crores that puts it on top of the list among the richest Indian families. Ambani family is also the richest in Asia living in a home valued at $1 billion. They own the Reliance industries that have its presence in the oil and gas, petroleum, textiles, plastics, telecom and others.

2. Godrej Family

The Godrej family has a net worth of INR 1,57,000 crores which puts it in the second place among the wealthiest families in the country. The family controls the $4.7 billion (revenue) of one of the largest consumer goods companies of India that is 122 years old.


3. Hinduja Family

With a net worth of INR 86,500 crores, the Hinduja family ranks third among the richest family in India. Hinduja group has a diversified portfolio of businesses in the segments of trucks, lubricants, cable television and banking.

4. Adani Family

Adani family has an estimated net worth of INR 1,20,900 crores and thus it becomes the fourth wealthiest family in the nation. Adani family controls the Mundra Port, the largest one in India in Gujarat. The revenue of the family ensues from businesses like power generation and transmission, real estate, defense and edible oil.

5. Damini Family

The net worth of INR 77,500 crores makes the Damini family the fifth wealthiest family in India. The family owns the DMart supermarket chain which started in 2002. The family owns the 156-room Radisson Blu Resort in Alibag, a beach front property on the Mumbai beach.

6. Burman Family

The sixth wealthiest one in India is Burman family that enjoys a net worth of INR 67,600 crores. The family owns 68% stakes in Dabur and has holdings over some prominent players in the restaurant, life insurance and healthcare industry segments.

7. Bajaj Family

The estimated net worth of the Bajaj family is INR 63,600 crores which makes it the seventh wealthiest family in the country. The Bajaj family controls the Bajaj Group, the motorcycle making company that is 93 years old.

8. Lohia Family

The Lohia family is the eighth richest family in India and it has a net worth of INR 58,800 crores. The Lohia brothers control the wealth of the family. The family owned petrochemicals powerhouse Indorama is the world’s largest manufacturer of resins used in plastic bottles, polyester, and synthetic rubber.

9. Bangur Family

The Bangur family with an estimated net worth of INR 51,000 crores is the ninth wealthiest in the country. Bangur family is ranked in the 37th position among the richest families of Asia by Forbes magazine in 2019. Shree Cement is the major source of the family’s wealth.

10. Wadia Family

The estimated net worth of the Wadia family is INR 44,900 crores that puts it in the tenth position among the wealthiest families in the country. The family has a wide range of businesses including ship building, food manufacturing, airlines, and others.

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