Indian coders still in love with C++ while rest of the world is embracing new programming languages

Indian coders still in love with C++ while rest of the world is embracing new programming languagesIt seems Indian programmers are stuck with coding languages of the past while the world is moving forward and embracing the new ones.

As per a survey conducted by HackerRank on coding preferences in India and the United States, about 30% of Indians surveyed still code in C++, while the US has embraced Java and Python.

Although there is nothing wrong with knowing one language, but learning more than one attracts better pay, better opportunities, and a better industry-ready workforce.

In the US, 25% of people surveyed knew Java, closely followed by Python. When compared, a fifth of the people surveyed lean towards Java in India.

With Java, one can build complicated programs owing to its numerous libraries, whereas python allows for fast development with text processing capabilities.
Meanwhile, C++ allows coders access to the deepest labyrinth of the system.

However, Indians are using C++ as they have grown comfortable to it and not to exploit its awesome capabilities.

When Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) substituted an older language called Scheme with Python in 2009 for its undergraduate computer science classes, with most of the content taught in the context of real-world engineering problems.

The change garnered mixed response.

Economic Times reported that in India, the non-IIT colleges are already at a disadvantage: employers, parents and even Ivy League universities all gun for the IITians. By not equipping their students with the right tools, these colleges are only widening the gap further.

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