The Amerisleep Lift is the best mattress topper I've ever slept on — it's only significant con is the $300 price

The Amerisleep Lift is the best mattress topper I've ever slept on — it's only significant con is the $300 price

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  • A good mattress topper makes your mattress more comfortable, stays in place, and is made of high-quality materials.
  • I like the Amerisleep Lift Mattress Topper because its soft cushion and cooling abilities are ideal for my hot, side-sleeping ways, the microgrips keep the pad from sliding around, and the memory foam is CertiPUR-US-certified to be free of harmful chemicals.
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Mattress toppers aren't a magic fix for all your bed woes. If you have an old mattress that is sagging or lumpy, a mattress topper won't make up for the lack of support. However, the right topper can give you extra cushioning to relieve pressure points, and the right pad can correct for a bed that sleeps hot.

Arizona-based Amerisleep recently sent me their top-of-the-line Lift Mattress Topper for free to test. I was impressed with its ability to up the comfort level of my mattress and keep me cool. Read on to learn more about why this topper won me over.


The Amerisleep Lift Mattress Topper utilizes "HIVE technology" in its foam. HIVE is an acronym for "harnessing intelligent ventilation and energy." The foam features a pattern of hundreds of hexagons with five different comfort zones that are meant to provide more support around the head, back, and feet, as well as more cushioning around key pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders.


The topper is made with breathable materials, including a Celliant cover (more about that below) and an open-cell foam for improved airflow.

Additionally, there are two layer types: Comfort and Support. The two styles cost the same and both feature cooling, open-cell technology and HIVE technology. The main difference is that the Comfort Lift has Bio-Pur foam for extra cushioning, while the Support Lift uses Affinity material, which is firmer and delivers better support. I tested the Comfort Lift in Queen.


The Lift is available in all of the standard bed sizes and ranges in price from $199 for the Twin to $349 for the King and California King. While that is significantly more expensive than most mattress topper options, its high quality and five-year warranty make it a solid investment.

Set-up process

The set-up process for most mattress toppers is pretty basic: flop it onto your bed and you're good to go. The Lift Mattress Topper is a little more involved. First, you spread the foam out and put the Celliant cover on it. Next, you flip it over and zip the microgrip bottom on. Then, you flip it one more time and adjust the topper so it is even on your mattress. The whole process took about 10 minutes.

There was a slight odor when I unboxed the topper. It's your standard "new bed smell" that comes with any memory foam product. If you are particularly sensitive to odors, I suggest letting the comfort layer air out for a while before you zip it into the Celliant cover.


What makes the Lift Mattress Topper stand out

The Amerisleep Lift is the best mattress topper I've ever slept on — it's only significant con is the $300 price

In general, I prefer mattresses with medium to average firmness. So, I didn't have high hopes for a mattress topper that made my bed softer. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it worked well with my sleeping style and body frame. I generally sleep on my stomach and side. While I much preferred sleeping on my side with this topper, stomach sleeping was also pleasant.

As a runner with occasional lower back issues, my sore muscles let me know when a mattress doesn't provide the pressure relief I need. The Lift Mattress Topper left my body feeling refreshed and ready to put in some miles in the morning.

At 250 pounds, I carry a little extra insulation and tend to sleep hot. The Lift topper did an outstanding job of absorbing my heat and sending it elsewhere for a cool night's sleep. This is a common effect I've noticed with Celliant covers thanks to their breathable material. The open-cell memory foam also allows for airflow for added cooling. This was especially useful since the mattress I was sleeping on ran hot.

As an added plus, the topper is made of Bio-Pur memory foam. This material is CertiPUR-US-certified, which means it's made without harmful chemicals, like heavy metals, PBDEs, ozone depleters, and formaldehyde. Additionally, Bio-Pur uses eco-friendly, plant-derived oils rather than petro-products.


The cover of the mattress topper is easy to clean. I used a mild detergent run on a cold, gentle cycle and then let it air dry. However, Amerisleep recommends using a protector with the Lift to ensure a longer lifespan and to protect the foam, which isn't washable.

Cons to consider

The Lift Mattress Topper is expensive. It's the priciest model I've tested and is more than any of the brands included in our mattress topper guide. However, it's also better quality than the other brands I've tested and is backed by a five-year warranty.

You might want to get some help with the set-up process since flipping the topper was a pain due to its floppy construction and 42-pound weight. Positioning the topper was also hard due to the microgrip bottom, which wanted to adhere to the mattress right away.

Removal can also be tricky. Make sure your mattress doesn't have loose threads. Mine did, and when it came time to remove the topper, it pulled at the threads and made an unsightly mess that required scissors.

As with most mattress toppers, you may need to get new fitted sheets with deep enough pockets to cover the topper and your mattress. At three inches thick, the Lift isn't inordinately thick, but if paired with a thicker 14+-inch mattress, you'll have trouble getting a standard fitted sheet to stay put.


The bottom line

Despite some minor downsides, the Amerisleep Lift is the best mattress topper I've ever slept on. But, is it worth the $300 price tag?

Should you buy it?

I wouldn't recommend spending less than $900 for a mattress. If you have a mattress that's only a few years old but just doesn't feel right for your body, the Lift is an affordable alternative to completely replacing your mattress.

But, if your mattress is old, lumpy, or sagging, the Lift won't rejuvenate your bed. And, of course, if you are perfectly happy with your mattress, the Lift doesn't have much to offer you.

This topper is for people who want more cushion or support out of their current mattress. It also offers the additional benefit of keeping you cooler, so it is a good option for hot sleepers.

If money isn't tight, then go with the best — and that's the Amerisleep Lift in my opinion. But, if frugality is of importance, then consider an alternative like the Sleep Innovations topper (more on that below), or choose one of the models in our guide to the best mattress toppers.


What are your alternatives?

As mentioned above, the Lift is the best mattress topper I've ever tested. My previous favorite – and the only other topper I've tested that I'd recommend - was the Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam Topper Set. If I were playing with my own money, I'd be willing to give up the targeted pressure relief and support of the Lift to save $170 with the Sleep Innovations model.

Pros: HIVE technology offers targeted pressure relief and support, Celliant cover and open-cell foam allow for airflow and cooling, made with CertiPUR-US-certified memory foam, microgrip bottom holds the topper in place, five-year warranty.

Cons: One of the most expensive toppers on the market, there are other good options that come in significantly cheaper, set up and removal can be difficult and may require two people due to weight and microgrip bottom

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