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Baby wardrobe - the bright shelf

Baby wardrobe - the bright shelf
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Wardrobes are not just storage spaces for your newborn, but can also be the first teachers of responsibility to a toddler. They must be bright, colourful and cute, and attractive. A colourful, well maintained wardrobe brightens the atmosphere of the room. It lightens up the mood and makes the room look more charming and appealing. Here’s a list of the trendiest and cutest baby’s wardrobe, you’d surely want to get one for your kid.

FOLDDON Foldable Wardrobe with 8 Racks, Standard Size (Beige and Brown)Beige and brown give an elegant look to the room. This wardrobe has 8 shelves so that everything can be kept perfectly assorted. Also, it is strong and durable, enough to hold toys, clothes etc. One can easily fold it when it is not required and saves a lot of space.An elegant beige and brown coloured, foldable baby wardrobe which has 8 racks

Little One's | 7 Shelves Baby Foldable Wardrobe | Aquatic Red (Made in India)One of the first things that a child observes as he grows up is the wardrobe in his room. Get this wonderful wardrobe for your kid. The wardrobe comes with 4 wheels which makes movement easier. It is red in colour and looks extremely cute. It serves as an ideal gift for new mothers & babies.A 7 shelved, well stitched, foldable baby wardrobe.

Flipzon Multipurpose 6 Shelve Baby Wardrobe, Foldable, (Unbreakable Material) (Red)A DIY set is always fun. Engage your child as you set up this beautiful wardrobe for him, or you can even bond with your family as you set this up for your baby. A habit of using wardrobe inculcates responsible behaviour in your child. The cartoon designed material used in this wardrobe makes it special and urges him to use it more often.DIY baby wardrobe with 6 spacious trays and 4 wheeled to permit movement.

JMD Creation Hanging Cloth Organizer, Storage Wardrobe for Men, Women ,Baby, Kids,Wardrobes are meant to be stylish. Get this smart, black and white coloured baby wardrobe that can easily go with every background and can be hanged anywhere. It has 5 shelves for better assortment that make it convenient to organise the wardrobe. It also consists of a drawer at the bottom for easy usage of it by your kid.A strong, designer, cotton baby wardrobe.

SRIM Kid's Polyester Hanging Foldable Polka Dots Baby Almirah with Collapsible WardrobeAs soon as babies are able to walk, they start trying to do things on their own. This house shaped wardrobe is easy to open. The shape and the beautiful shade of blue colour make it adorable. The shelves are spacious and broad which helps in keeping a neat and clean room.A foldable and hanging, spacious baby wardrobe.