Best analog wall clock in India

Best analog wall clock in India
Wall clocks now tell more than just time! With so many shapes, designs and colours, wall clocks have graduated from a simple tool to a decor piece.

Analog wall clocks have an old world charm to them, but in recent times these are available in modern and contemporary styles.

Statements making big colourful dials, vintage metal clocks, to the ones with a pendulum or designs with spiritual figures - wall clocks can set the style statement of any room.

We’ve curated for you the

Best Analog Wall Clocks that are stylish and functional.


Best analog wall clock in India
Soothing, sophisticated and stylish - this 13-inch analog display wall clock makes a subtle statement. The all white dial with contrasting black hands lend a timeless appeal to this piece. Quartz movement with Arabic and stick time markers display accurate time while accentuating the classic look of the dial. With a glossy finish, the dial of the clock is made of imported high quality acrylic, whilst imported metals have been used for the hands. This white minimal design wall clock pairs well with modern and contemporary decor themes

Amazon Brand - Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock - Classic Roulette (Silent Movement, Black Frame)

Best analog wall clock in India
This analog wall clock from Amazon Brand- Solimo is a unique and beautiful piece. This clock is full of colours and gives a really vibrant look to your house, office etc. It comes with a contemporary touch and is a great product. The frame of the clock is made up of high quality plastic material . Has large and clear numbers.

Oreva Roman Figure Round Plastic Analog Wall Clock (28 cm x 28 cm x 3.9 cm, Silver, AQ-1457)

Best analog wall clock in India
This silver & white coloured analog wall clock by Oreva is made up of high quality plastic material. This extremely beautiful and classy wall clock is round in shape and has a step movement. Its vintage look makes it an elegant piece for your home as well as for your office. Budget-friendly wall clock with elegant design.

Oreva Plastic Wooden Look Designer Wall Clock (32.5 x 32.5 x 4.8 cm, Wood, AQ 6197)

Best analog wall clock in India
This analog wall clock from Oreva has a beautiful antique touch to it. The clock is made up of high quality plastic material but still gives a wooden look due to its design, texture and pattern. The clock looks good on all kinds of walls and is a must have product to enhance the beauty of your space. Budget friendly and elegant.

Craftel Metal Analog Double Sided Vintage Station Wall Clock with Brass in Dial (Golden, 8 Inches)

Best analog wall clock in India
One look at this handcrafted analog wall clock and you imagine yourself in the old black and white world of railway steamers, letters and timeless romance. This vintage wall clock has a brass electroplated finish that lends it a regal look. With numbers on both sides, it is a perfect choice to be hung in corridors, alleys, living room, etc. With readable numbers, it has a dial size of 8 inches. Bring an old world charm to your home with its timeless design.

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