Best and affordable 9-Watt LEDs bulb

Best and affordable 9-Watt LEDs bulb
Traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs have been replaced by newer, better and economical options of LED light bulbs. Including them to your interior does not only provide bright light, but also increases your savings on electricity bills. These are better than conventional bulbs and CFLs because these provide better light, are made of better material and have a longer life. With more than one reason to have them be a part of your perfect décor, here’s a list of LED lights you must check out.

Syska SSK-SRL Base B22 9-Watt LED Bulb

Best and affordable 9-Watt LEDs bulb
Are you on the lookout for some cost effective, electricity saving and efficient bulbs? Syska 9 watt LED bulbs are just the right ones. Made of epoxy lenses, these do not heat as much as conventional light bulbs and are also resistant to breakage. They have high impact resistance and hence last much longer. These promptly fulfill the requirement of a bright light that covers a large area. These bulbs are non-toxic as they’re devoid of Lead and Mercury

Wipro Polycarbonate Tejas Base B22 9-Watt Led Bulb

Best and affordable 9-Watt LEDs bulb
Constructed with innovative design and highest effectiveness, these light bulbs proficiently brighten up considerable areas. Made of polycarbonate material, these do not break easily and are very durable. They have a soft light, which do not leave a blinding effect, while making no compromise on efficiency. These bulbs are perfect to light up your chandeliers and lampshades.

Philips Base B22 9-Watt LED Bulb

Best and affordable 9-Watt LEDs bulb
Too bright or too dim lights can cause discomfort to eyes. Having a proper light distribution is important for healthy eyes. These light bulbs are glare free and provide comfortable brightness. With features of cost efficiency and durability, they are easy to install. They reduce the strain on eyes and provide utmost relaxation and improve concentration. It can also be used as bulbs for lampshades due to its soft light.

Havells 9-Watts B22 LED Cool Day Light Lamp

Best and affordable 9-Watt LEDs bulb
In order to lighten up large spaces like hallways, dining rooms and study rooms, a proficient light source is a must. This LED light bulb provides optimum light for such purposes. Made of eco-friendly plastic which makes them non toxic and resistant. These are small in size and should be used in sets to gain maximum results. These bulbs are most suitable for indoor lightings.

Halonix B22 10-Watt Led ASTRON Plus

Best and affordable 9-Watt LEDs bulb
With provision of optimum lucent, these LED bulbs are suitable for all kinds of purposes, and can be used in any room, these bulbs work well everywhere. They are pin type bulbs with voltage fluctuation guards which makes them last longer and are safer. Halonix light bulbs are made in India.

Murphy 9-Watts B22 LED Warm White Bulb

Best and affordable 9-Watt LEDs bulb
High performance and energy efficient, these light bulbs glow just as conventional light bulbs but have better features. Easy to install, generate less heat and pocket friendly. These also last longer than usual light bulbs. Best for study rooms and living rooms

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